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PSA: It's time to remove unauthorised items from your Elden Ring inventory

Ditch the pants.

Elden Ring dragon battle
Image credit: FromSoftware

PSA: If you have any unauthorised items in your Elden Ring inventory, you may want to get rid of them sharpish.

As noted in the latest patch, unauthorised items will be given [ERROR] in the name to identify them, which may lead to a warning or penalty on your account.

The game's official Twitter account notes that this process will start "within a few days".

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The tweet advises players to "please protect yourself by removing them from your inventory".

Of course, players shouldn't have unauthorised items in the first place, but through modding some players have been able to access extra items.

That includes unobtainable underwear - known as the Deathbed Smalls - that was discovered through datamining.

Some players later inadvertently picked up these pants dropped by other players and were soft banned for possessing them.

So this is your final warning: drop the pants, now.

The latest patch also brought a change to multiplayer summoning, allowing players to send summon signs to pools in multiple areas.

That's on top of a number of balance changes, including nerfing the overused Bloodhound Step ability.