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New Elden Ring patch expands multiplayer summoning

Plus Bloodhound Step nerfed.

A new patch has just gone live in Elden Ring, with new balance changes, bug fixes, and changes to multiplayer.

Version 1.06 is now available across all platforms.

The biggest change is to summoning, with the additional functionality of sending summoning signs to pools in multiple - and distant - areas.

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That means it'll be easier to offer yourself up to help others online. On the flipside, players can also invade a larger area of the map, further tweaking the game's multiplayer that's been criticised by fans.

The biggest balance change is to the Ash of War Bloodhound Step, which has been nerfed. The travel distance and invincibility frames have been decreased, as well as reduced performance when used continuously.

The move allows players to dodge attacks and become invincible and has subsequently been overused in PvP.

Another balance change is to the Corpse Piler weapon skill attached to the popular Rivers of Blood weapon: the damage and bleed build-up of the skill have been reduced.

Elsewhere, some other attacks and abilities have been tweaked and a large number of bugs have been squashed.

You can read the full patch notes on the Bandai Namco website.

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