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New Elden Ring mod adds a transmog system

"Want to look classy without sacrificing your stats?"

A new PC mod for Elden Ring adds a much wished for element to the game - a transmog system. This allows players to wear whatever armour they like, without having to worry about little things such as stats.

The mod in question is by NexusMods user pelooleq (nice spot, Screen Rant), and is their first mod.

"Want to look classy without sacrificing your stats?" pelooleq writes. "Finish the game with your starting armour skin, or with this armour you like? This mod is for you!!!"

The mod works by removing all immunities, resistances, and poise from a user's armour. These stats are then transferred to one of three talismans (one for light armour, one for medium armour and one for heavy armour).

Each of these talismans weigh a specific amount, which "corresponds to the load of the original armour."

Pelooleq has created a table explaining each talisman, which can be seen below.

Pelooleq additionally warns players that using this mod will replace three in-game talismans, so sacrifices will have to be made.

"I imagined several solutions to set up this mod, the ideal would be to make endurance directly increase defences, immunities and poise," pelooleq writes.

"But I don't know how to go about it. If anyone has an idea, I'm a taker."

Earlier this month, a new Elden Ring patch brought its own significant changes to the game. This included NPC markers on the world's vast map, and a new character named Jar-Bairn was introduced to the Lands Between.

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