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Looks like pet petting is coming to Disney Dreamlight Valley

Makes me feel a bit Goofy.

For those who have been immersing themselves in Disney Dreamlight Valley's cosy content over the last few weeks or so, well, it looks like it could be about to get a whole lot cosier.

A survey on the official Twitter feed has asked fans if they would like to be "able to interact with [their] animal companions?"

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There are then three options presented for you to choose from. These are: "Yes", "YES" (an important use of all capital letters there for emphasis) or "Yes (in the next update)!"

Of course, this poll could still just be a little bit of fun from the developers, but this seems unlikely - and something the Disney Dreamlight Valley team would otherwise be told off for erroneously dangling on a stick. We do all love our pets - real and virtual - after all.

While we wait to see if this tease does indeed come to fruition in the next update - which incidently will also introduce The Lion King's Scar into the mix - there is still plenty to crack on with in the land of Mickey Mouse and co.

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