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How to light all nine lamps in Diablo Immortal to solve Lost Runes puzzle

Including how to solve the mirror puzzle.

To progress in the Lost Runes quest in Diablo Immortal and continue with the story, you’re going to need to solve the lamp puzzle first.

Until the Library of Zoltun Kulle most of the story and battle pass challenges have centred around ‘go here, kill this thing’, as Diablo quests like to do.

That’s not going to work on the poor lamps, however, so below you can find out how to light all nine lamps and solve the mirror puzzle during the Lost Runes quest in Diablo Immortal.

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How to light all nine lamps during Lost Runes in Diablo Immortal

When you reach the statue with The Curator as part of the Restoring Order quest in the Library of Zoltun Kulle, the Lost Runes quest will begin. To complete it, you'll need to find three Runes and place them at the base of this statue.

The first of these Runes is located just northwest of the Grand Vestibule Waypoint. When you try and retrieve it, however, you're given a puzzle to solve instead. To solve the puzzle you need to know how to light all nine lamps.

Head northwest of the Grand Vestibule Waypoint to find the first lost Rune.

It doesn't sound difficult, but when you light one lamp, four balls of fire shoot out beside it, lighting the nearby lamps if they're off, or extinguishing them if they're on. Try to light them in the wrong order, and you'll be stuck in a loop for quite some time.

To light all nine lamps and get the first lost Rune you need to light all four corners, and then the lamp in the middle.

However, this only works if you start with all the lamps off. If you've still got lamps lit from before, head back to the nearby Rune and touch it to turn them all off again. Then you can light the four corners and then the middle lamp to unlock the first lost Rune.

Light the four corners and then the middle to light all nine lamps.

Take the Rune back to The Curator and place it under the statue to move on to collecting the second Rune.

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How to solve mirror puzzle during Lost Runes in Diablo Immortal

After you've solved the lamp puzzle and returned the Rune, you only need to walk a few steps to find the second one. The ‘go here, kill this thing’ challenge returns, as you only need to kill Grimaldi the Flaming Soul to retrieve the second Rune.

For the last Rune, follow the map to a suspicious looking mirror found to the east of The Curator. Once you step through it, you'll find yourself in a small room with a lot of mirrors and a beam of light. After trying to take the Rune at the top of the room, you'll get the message that you have to solve a puzzle.

Mirror Puzzle step one

For the first step in the mirror puzzle, go to the mirror directly below the Rune (not the one the beam of light is hitting), and push it down once. The beam of light should now be hitting this mirror.

Mirror Puzzle step two

Next, go to the mirror located to the very left of the room and push it down twice. The beam of light should now be hitting off this mirror as well.

Mirror Puzzle step three

For the third and final step in the mirror puzzle, go to the mirror that was beside the one you just moved and push it left twice. Kill the enemies that appear and then go to the third Rune and pick it up.

To finish the Lost Runes quest, go back to the statue beside The Curator and insert the final Rune into its base. You can now continue to explore the Library of Zoltun Kulle and progress with the story.

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