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Diablo Immortal is redesigning its legendary crests to help players "differentiate" between them

"We want to make sure players know exactly what they're getting when they make a purchase."

Blizzard is redesigning Diablo Immortal's legendary crests to "help differentiate" them from the eternal legendary chests that cost players real money.

Responding to a post in the game's subreddit, lead designer Wyatt Cheng said that the team not only wanted to ensure the colours were different, but also change their shape, too, so "players know exactly what they're getting when they make a purchase".

Diablo Immortal Crest Redesigns
Image credit: Blizzard / Reddit

"This is artwork that we're working on to help differentiate the Legendary Crest (which will become [the] Orange one) from the Eternal Legendary Crest (which will remain the purple one in the middle, that yields gems that can be sold on the Market)," Cheng explained.

"We want to make sure players know exactly what they're getting when they make a purchase, view them in inventory, and use them at the Elder Rift entrance."

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"Players should be able to distinguish the two quickly not only by colour but also by shape (for colour-blind accessibility)," Cheng added (thanks, PCGN).

"We did some usability tests earlier this month to ensure they can be understood clearly during normal gameplay such as when shrunk down to small sizes or for new players. In addition, we're adding the Market Icon to the item description of the Eternal Legendary Crest to reinforce the difference."

Cheng further confirmed that the new update will also usher in a change to the Elder Rift Entrance UI so players "can choose which one you want to use (if you own both) as well as easily see how many of each you own from the entrance UI".

Diablo Immortal has stemmed the flow of falling Blizzard user numbers, and given the company a modest increase in monthly active engagement. After falling to 22 million monthly active users for the quarter ending in March 2022, Diablo Immortal has helped Blizzard back to 27 million for the quarter ending at the beginning of July.

ICYMI, Overwatch 2 arrives as a free-to-play early access title in October, before Diablo 4 at some point in 2023.

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