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Diablo Immortal Hidden Lair locations including Ashwold Cemetery, Dark Wood and Shassar Sea

Hidden Lair map locations for every zone in Diablo Immortal.

Completing Hidden Lairs in Diablo Immortal is a great way to get normal Gems, which can be slotted into your gear to raise your character’s stats.

Normal Gems can be combined to upgrade their rank and raise these stats even further, so finding Hidden Lair locations and battling in them can help make your class even stronger.

To save you time, we’ve got all the Hidden Lair map locations for every area in Diablo Immortal found so far below, including the early zones of Ashwold Cemetery, Dark Wood, and Shassar Sea.

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Hidden Lair locations:

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What are Hidden Lairs in Diablo Immortal?

While focusing on the story, completing battle pass challenges, or just mowing down enemies to farm XP, you've probably noticed the 'A Hidden Lair has opened in this zone' message pop up at random moments.

Hidden Lairs are rotating dungeons that give you and your party at least one normal Gem per run, but usually more. You can get other loot, but it's the Gems that are the main reason to do Hidden Lairs.

Three normal Gems of the same type can then be combined to create stronger versions and slotted into your gear. You need to kill Lair Guardians to complete the dungeon.

When the Hidden Lair message appears, the entrance to one will open up at random in the zone you are currently exploring. You'll have to visit all the Hidden Lair locations to see which one you can now enter. A blue portal-like symbol will appear on your minimap when you are close to the revealed Hidden Lair, and its entrance will glow.

You need to be quick, however, as if another player finds the Hidden Lair first, you won't be able to go in after them, unless you're both in the same party. If you're hunting for normal Gems and get the prompt asking you to join somebody's party to take part in a Hidden Lair, make sure you say yes. It will then transport you to the lair with your new party member.

Inside the Hidden Lair, you and your party need to complete main objectives, and you can also do optional side objectives to get more loot and chances of getting more Gems. Once the final Guardian is killed, a red portal to another level might appear. If it does, we recommend entering it for the chance to get more rewards.

Go to the blue portal to get back to the zone you were previously in (this will showup on your map once you discover it). You can take as long as you want exploring Hidden Lairs, as there's no time limit.

However, there might be a weekly cap to the amount of Gems you can get from running Hidden Lairs. This is unconfirmed for now, and might just be a bug for some, so we'll update this page when we get more information.

Diablo Immortal is here! If you're just getting started, you'll want to know the best class for beginners - including the Necromancer and Crusader - and the current battle pass rewards. Our Legendary Gems and Charms guides can help you achieve the strongest build, and we also have handy maps for every Hidden Lair location, alight nine lamps puzzle solution, and the Hydra and Golem locations.

Ashwold Cemetery Hidden Lair locations

The first zone in Diablo Immortal to contain Hidden Lairs is Ashwold Cemetery. It has 18 Hidden Lair locations, so you'll have to do a loop around the zone to check them all.

There are no Hidden Lairs at Lord's Rest, and only one in The Outskirts.

Dark Wood Hidden Lair locations

After Ashwold Cemetery, you'll come to the Dark Wood zone. This area contains 11 Hidden Lair locations, mostly on the northside of the map.

Shassar Sea Hidden Lair locations

The next big zone is the Shassar Sea, which contains 10 Hidden Lair locations. They are pretty evenly spread out, so you'll have to do a full loop of the zone to check them all.

Library of Zoltun Kulle Hidden Lair locations

You'll need to be Level 35 or over to enter the Library of Zultun Kulle, which contains eight Hidden Lair locations. This area can be a little annoying to explore, as it's pretty big and leads to a lot of dead ends.

The only area you can skip looking for Hidden Lairs in the Library is the path just north of the Hidden Alcove, as it doesn't contain any.

Bilefen Hidden Lair locations

Bilfen has 10 Hidden Lairs, with six clustered at the northern edges of Infested Quagmire, with the other four to the south of Crimsonblade Haven.

You'll have to loop through either the Putrid March or Port Justinia to check all 10 possible lair locations.

Mount Zavain Hidden Lair locations

There are 10 Hidden Lair locations on Mount Zavain, with four clustered to the north around Zakarum Graveyard. You can find one to the very north, and the rest are scattered along the edges to the south.

Frozen Tundra Hidden Lair locations

You'll have to do a loop of the zone, as Frozen Tundra contains 11 Hidden Lair locations, scattered about the map. Three are clustered around Ruins of Sescueron in the east, and another three by Everfrost Lake to the west.

Realm of Damnation Hidden Lair locations

The last zone (for now) is the Realm of Damnation, and it contains 10 Hidden Lairs, split over two areas. The northern area has eight lairs, while the southern area only contains two.

If any more zones or Hidden Lair locations get added in future patches, we'll update this page.

Good luck farming those Gems in Diablo Immortal!

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