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Diablo Immortal Necromancer best build, skills, gear, gems, and Paragon Points

Control an army of corpses and be edgy. That’s the Necromancer.

The Diablo Immortal Necromancer is exactly what you would expect - a summoner of skeletons soldiers and a user of dark magic.

They are a fighter who slices their enemies with a scythe while using death as their weapon in the form of corpses that can explode or bones that shield them.

All the Necromancer’s kit not only makes it a good class for beginners but a very powerful and fun one too - covering a good range of situations, from pure damage to controlling crowds.

In any case, we have prepared this guide to teach you the ways of necromancing in Diablo Immortal, explaining not only how to play with the class, but also what are the best skills, gear, gems, and Paragon Points.

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How to play as the Necromancer in Diablo Immortal

In Diablo Immortal, Necromancer is one of the most flexible classes you will find in the game. Because of that, the first thing to understand is how to play with this class is to choose a play style you are going to follow.

You can cause a considerable amount of damage single or multitarget, becoming a great DPS. On the other hand, you can flex its build a little and go for a mix between damage and support or full support, having the capacity to tank damage as well as to incapacitate enemies.

Choosing one of these approaches is not a definitive decision, so you don’t need to worry, although it will inevitably influence the skills, gear, and gems you may need to maximize the build.

Despite the playstyle you are going for, there are general aspects of the class that are important to keep in mind when playing as a Necromancer.

First, this is a middle-range attack class which means that when trying to attack enemies you may be far to avoid some of their abilities, but you will be close enough to still be hit by them. Learn how to position yourself to avoid taking unnecessary damage.

Another important detail you must keep in mind when playing as a Necromancer is that if your build is not focused on tanking, you can’t handle a lot of damage.

Although other classes such as Wizard or Demon Hunter are squishier than the Necromancer, this class is not made to play as a frontline against the enemy without a proper build.

So movement is key to staying alive while facing hordes of demons. Kite them while using your basic attack waiting for the cooldown of your skills.

Diablo Immortal Necromancer best skills

Before we start diving into the first level of multiple elements regarding the Necromancer, it is fundamental that you understand this is not the only answer.

The skills we are going to suggest here are for a build based on utilizing the Necromancer’s summons to fight and protect you. This is great for completing dungeons and killing bosses. However, you can play with skills to find what suits you better.

Here are the skills we selected as the best ones:

  • Soulfire (Unlocked at level 1): This is your Primary Attack, which means that Soulfire is your basic attack which you must use mostly as a filler between your cooldowns. It is a ball of energy that explodes when the target is hit, damaging the enemies near to them. It also gives you access to the ultimate Hungering Soulfire which is an upgraded version of the attack but now more powerful, launching multiple attacks that will follow enemies.
  • Command Skeletons (Unlocked at level 1): by using this skill you can make your skeletons charge to a specific location, focusing on the enemies that are in the area.
  • Command Golem (Unlocked at level 50): this is an amazing skill that allows you to summon a giant golem to attack foes and tank damage.
  • Bone Armor (Unlocked at level 41): This is a great choice to increase the survivability of the Necromancer. It gives you - and other players in case you are in a party - a shield that absorbs damage.
  • Dark Curse (Unlocked at level 44) or Corpse Explosion (Unlocked at level 3): Both options will increase your damage in some manner, so you must see what you are looking for. If you want more AoE damage, Corpse Explosion is your best bet. But if you want to maximize the damage of your summons, Dark Curse should be your pick.

Diablo Immortal Necromancer best gear

The following pieces of gear listed here are meant to synergize with the skills we had picked, but you can bring other equipment depending on your build.

It is important to prioritize some attributes in your gear though. For Necromancer, Intelligence and Vitality are the most important ones.

  • Desolatoria (Main Hand) - Transforms Command Golem summoning a Golem of fire.
  • Baleful Trinity (Off-hand) - Buffs Soulfire by making it bounce, hitting an extra enemy.
  • Visitant’s Sign (Head) - Increases the duration of Command Golem
  • Rotspur (Shoulder) - If you picked Corpse Explosion.
  • Linger-Mantle (Shoulder) - If you have Dark Curse in your set of skills
  • Guided by Maggots (Legs) - Increases your summons’ damage.
  • Covet Nothing (Chest) - Adds to Bone Armor the effect of damaging nearby enemies as well as increasing the damage they take.

For the secondary items (Hands, Feet, Waist, Neck, and two Fingers), you should look for Shepherd’s Call to Wolves set since the items give some interesting buffs to your summons.

Diablo Immortal Necromancer best gems

This list of gems is focused on amplifying your or your summon’s damage. Here are the best gems you can have for the build we presented:

  • Follower’s Burden - This gem will increase your damage based on how many summons you control up to a max of 6%.
  • Blood-Soaked Jade - It increases your damage and movement speed, making this game a good option in general.
  • Freedom and Devotion - This is an important gem for our build since it prolongs the duration of summons.
  • Seeping Bile - With this gem equipped, there is a chance of your attack to poison enemies who will take damage over time as the poison will spread to other enemies if the initial target dies.
  • Echoing Shade - Having a chance to spawn a Shadow Clone that has some of your abilities, this gem will not only give you another summon but also help you to distract enemies.
  • Chained Death - By having this gem, the more enemies you attack the more damage you will deal which is pretty helpful when dealing with most contents.

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Where to focus Paragon Points for the Necromancer

Once your character reaches level 60, you will start earning Paragon Points that are going to be used to progress in some general skill trees.

Although the idea for the Necromancer is to look for all the nodes that will increase your damage, this might be difficult to achieve right at the beginning.

So, initially, you should focus on the Vanquisher Tree leveling up nodes that will increase your damage. Do so until you get Paragon level 50.

Thus The Treasure Hunter Tree will be unlocked, in which you can get some good nodes that will help you during the grind.

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