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How to get a house in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Help President Hudson and start building your dream home in Hyrule!

zelda totk link inside his own house
Image credit: Eurogamer/Nintendo

Knowing how to get a house in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom will let you create your very own dream home for Link and you can customise it with new rooms, provided you have enough Rupees to cover the fees.

Before you can start building your own home in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom you need to complete a side quest in Tarrey Town involving Hudson and his daughter. If you've helped Addison balance signs around Hyrule, then it's the very same President Hudson you'll finally meet!

Building a house is a tall order, so without further ado we're going to show you how to get a house in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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How to start the Mattison's Independence quest in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

To start the Mattison's Independence quest that you need to do to unlock your house, you need to head to Tarrey Town in Akkala Highlands. Tarrey Town is south east of Death Mountain and Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower. It's also east of Mayachideg Shrine and South Akkala Stable.

We've marked its exact location on the map below and the coordinates for Tarrey Town are (3967, 1601, 0127).

zelda totk tarrey town map location
zelda totk tarrey town close up map location
Image credit: Eurogamer/Nintendo

When you get to Tarrey Town, go and speak to Hudson at (3937, 1590, 0129). He will reveal that he's sad that his Gerudo daughter will soon be going to Gerudo Town as tradition and this conversation will start the Mattison's Independence quest.

zelda totk hudson and rhonson in their house in tarrey town
Image credit: Eurogamer/Nintendo

How to complete the Mattison's Independence quest in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

After you finish your first conversation with Hudson, go and speak to him again just outside his house at (3944, 1598, 0128).

zelda totk hudson outside his house in tarrey town
Image credit: Eurogamer/Nintendo

Once this conversation ends, head to the upper level of Hudson's house to find his daughter Mattison at (3940, 1589, 0129).

zelda totk mattison inside house tarrey town
Image credit: Eurogamer/Nintendo

Speak with Mattison then follow her into the middle of Tarrey Town. Don't worry, if you lose her you can find her on the eastern edge of the fountain in the center of the town at (3927, 1617, 0127).

zelda totk mattison talking to tarrey town elders
Image credit: Eurogamer/Nintendo

When you find her, speak to Mattison again and when she asks you what the Gerudo word for Granny is, select 'Vaba!' and you will have the correct answer. Once this conversation/lesson ends, Mattison will run off again.

Go and find Mattison on the western side of Tarrey Town facing the railcar at (3937, 1611, 0127.) She will then tell you that she can't use the railcar without paying since the new operator, Hagie, arrived. So, it's time you blocked his view!

zelda totk mattison facing rail car tarrey town
Image credit: Eurogamer/Nintendo

There should be a plank of wood resting against the house opposite Hagie. If there isn't, then you can find a few outside Hudson's house too.

zelda totk plank of wood against tarrey town house
Image credit: Eurogamer/Nintendo

Grab the plank of wood with Ultrahand and rest it in front of Hagie so that it completely blocks his view. When you're happy that Hagie can't see in front of him, go back to Mattison. Speak to her and tell her that she can go now. If successful, Mattison will get on the railcar and ride it down to the construction site.

zelda totk blocking hagie view tarrey town
Image credit: Eurogamer/Nintendo

After Mattison leaves successfully, head down to the construction site to find Mattison and Hudson at (3756, 1620, 0089).

zelda totk mattison and hudson at construction site
Image credit: Eurogamer/Nintendo

Speak to them again and you will learn that you now need to bring Hudson 10 Sundelions. We found our Sundelions in Sokkola Sky Archipelago and South Eldin Sky Archipelago, though you can find them on most of the Sky Islands.

The Hyrule Compendium also states you can find them on the ground in Hyrule Field and Eldin Canyon, but we found it easier to search the islands mentioned above.

zelda totk sundelion
Image credit: Eurogamer/Nintendo

Once you have enough Sundelions, go back and give them to Hudson. Watch the cutscene unfold, you will then have completed the Mattison's Independence side quest and have gained 200 Rupees for doing so!

Rupees are not the only reward for finishing this quest, because you have now unlocked the ability to build your own house, though this is pricey.

zelda totk hudson rhondson mattison link in hot air balloon
Image credit: Eurogamer/Nintendo

How to build a house in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Once you've completed the Mattison's Independence side quest, you can now begin to build your own home in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

To begin, you need to go and speak to Rhondson in her house at (3935, 1588, 0129) and select the 'A Dream Home, Please!' option when it appears.

zelda totk rhondson in tarrey town home
Image credit: Eurogamer/Nintendo

The initial charge for a house is 1,500 Rupees, but we have a guide that shows you how to get Rupees quickly if you need extra help. For this amount, you get the plot of land your house is on and two basic rooms: a bedroom and a foyer.

When you've paid Rhondson the money, you'll start the 'Home on Arrange' quest and you now need to go to your housing plot.

Your house will be to the south east of Tarrey Town. You can either fast travel to the Rasitakiwak Shrine which is right next to your home, or you can head out of Tarrey Town by the eastern exit and follow the path forward then right until you reach the quest marker.

zelda totk links house map location
Image credit: Eurogamer/Nintendo

Once you get to the empty plot, go and speak to Grantéson at (4170, 1380, 0208).

zelda totk granteson
Image credit: Eurogamer/Nintendo

Then, after a bit of talking, your two basic rooms will appear. You can place the rooms anywhere you want to in the roped area using Ultrahand. If you want extra rooms, we recommend simply placing them inside the roped area for now.

zelda totk home on arrange foyer and bedroom
Image credit: Eurogamer/Nintendo

You can move rooms and reorganise your house as many times as you want to for free, all it costs is a bit of your patience.

When you're done placing your rooms, speak to Grantéson again and select the 'I'm Done' for them to inspect the building. As long as all of your buildings are within the roped area, your home will pass and you will be able to into your house.

However, this is just the beginning as you can now add extra rooms to your dream Hyrule home!

How to add extra rooms to your home in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

To add extra rooms to your house in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom you need to speak to Grantéson who basically lives outside of your house in his little stall/hut.

When you speak to Grantéson, select the 'I'll Start Building' and then select 'I Need More Rooms'.

zelda totk granteson need more rooms menu
Image credit: Eurogamer/Nintendo

At this point, you will be presented with three different options:

  • Buy/Preview Rooms
  • Use a Stored Room
  • I Want To Sell

For now, select the 'Buy/Preview Rooms' option to get access to new rooms for your house. We'll go into detail about the other two options listed above in a bit.

You can buy a room from the list straight away, or you can ask to preview it. If you preview it, Grantéson will place it outside the borders of the plot for you to inspect. If you like it, speak to him again to buy it. However, remember that you can only use 15 rooms on your plot at one time - so choose wisely if you don't want to potentially waste Rupees.

zelda totk buying weapon stand room from granteson
Image credit: Eurogamer/Nintendo

Here's a list of all of the rooms you can buy, what each one does, and how much they all cost:

Room Name What It Does Price
Angled Room A triangle shaped room that has three open walls that other rooms can be attached to. 300 Rupees
Furnished Angled Room Angled Room but with decorations and a rug. 400 Rupees
Square Room Simple square room with four open walls that other rooms can be attached to. 350 Rupees
Furnished Square Room A Square Room but with decorations and a rug. 450 Rupees
Weapon Stand Room A room with three display slots for melee weapons. 600 Rupees
Bow Stand Room A room with three display slots for bows. 600 Rupees
Shield Stand Room A room with three display slots for shields. 600 Rupees
Gallery A room with an empty picture frame in it. Show a photo to Grantéson and he will create a matching painting for the frame. 400 Rupees
Bedroom A room with a bed where Link can sleep to pass time or restore hearts. 400 Rupees
Kitchen A room with a cooking pot where Link can cook elixirs, meals, or pass time. 400 Rupees
Blessing Room A room that contains a Goddess Statue. 400 Rupees
Paddock Exterior room that can house one of your registered horses. 400 Rupees
Foyer An entrance room and front door for your home. 300 Rupees
Study A small square room with a table. 250 Rupees
Indoor Stairs Stairs for the interior of your house. 350 Rupees
Outdoors Stairs Stairs for the exterior of your house. 350 Rupees
Garden Pond An 'L' shaped pond for outside, may contain a live fish. 300 Rupees
Flower Bed A bed of flowers that can go anywhere on your home, roof included. 250 Rupees

Once you buy a room, Grantéson will place it outside the border of your property for you to use.

I Want To Sell Option

This option when speaking to Grantéson will let you sell items from your inventory to him, which is exactly the same as selling to any of the vendors dotted around Hyrule. This is an easy way of getting extra Rupees quickly if you need them to buy your desired room.

How to store rooms for your house in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Now if, like us, you buy too many rooms out of sheer curiousity then you can always store them. To store any excess rooms you have, or rooms that you don't want but may want for future renovations, then place them all the way outside the rope markers like on the image below:

zelda totk pond outside rope markers for storage
Image credit: Eurogamer/Nintendo

Then, speak to Grantéson and say that you're finished building. If your rooms are clearly placed outside of the rope markers, then Grantéson will automatically put them in storage for you.

zelda totk use stored rooms option granteson
Image credit: Eurogamer/Nintendo

When you want to use a stored room, talk to Grantéson and say 'I need more rooms' then select the 'Use stored rooms' option when it appears to select any of your rooms in storage.

Tips for building a house in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Building a house can be a bit confusing, especially if you don't want to listen to Grantéson's building tips when talking to him. Don't worry, we've got a few tips that can help you build a house in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Pay Attention To Netted Walls

When you buy a room and it's sitting waiting to be used, you may notice that one or several of the walls have a net draped over them.

This net is telling you where the open wall/walls are for that room and these open walls are where you can attach two rooms together to make a larger one. If you connect a room to a wall that hasn't got a net over it, you will end up facing a blank solid wall.

zelda totk link house building netted walls

If you want to have an open-plan feeling that connects your indoor space with nature then by all means leave the netted wall facing the outside.

zelda totk open wall link house
Image credit: Eurogamer/Nintendo

We strongly advise getting one square room too, furnished or unfurnished, as this gives you four blank walls to attach rooms to.

Utilities First

From the list earlier in this guide, you can see that there are several rooms that have proper functions as opposed to being simply decorative. Due to the price of each room, we recommend spending your Rupees on any of the utility rooms first - such as the Bedroom, Kitchen, Weapon Stand ect.

zelda totk weapon stand link house
Image credit: Eurogamer/Nintendo

Having rooms that have specific uses will be handy, we've only had our house for a day and have already filled it with weapons, shields, and bows that we want to keep for the later stages of the game.

One thing worth remembering is that you cannot display the Master Sword in the weapon stand room.

Triangle Rooms

If you don't want to take up a lot of space on your plot of land, but you do want a way to attach three rooms together to make a house then a Triangle Room is your solution.

zelda totk stacked triangle rooms link house
We stacked two Triangle Rooms here. | Image credit: Eurogamer/Nintendo

Granted, it can be fiddly to fit the three rooms to a Triangle Room at first, but doing so can create a unique house shape or extension to your home without taking up too much space.

Ran out of space? Go Up!

The roped area you can build your house in is quite small compared to the size of the rooms, but you can always build upwards if you run out of space on the ground.

zelda totk failed tall house
This is why you need to balance your tall house... | Image credit: Eurogamer/Nintendo

We spent some time experimenting and so far, we've found that you can have seven floors to your home if you can get the rooms to balance and stack properly. We ran out of Rupees before we could add an eight floor, so we are as of yet unsure if there is a limit on how many you can have.

Add Your Horse Last

We found this out the hard way, but we recommend adding your horse to your paddock once you're totally happy with your house layout and the placement of each room. If you have a horse in your paddock and you begin to reorganise your house, the horse will be taken back to the stable association and you will need to talk to Grantéson again to get the horse back into the paddock.

zelda totk golden horse in link house paddock
A nice cosy place for our Golden Horse to live. Image credit: Eurogamer/Nintendo

It's not the end of the world, but having to get your horse back each time you remodel can be a bit time consuming.

That's it for building a house in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom! If you need a change of pace after all that hard work, then it's time to treat yourself to finding the Phantom Armor, However, if it's materials you want, check out our guides on Bomb Flowers, Ancient Blades, and Sticky Frogs.

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