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Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Mayachideg Shrine solution

How to find and solve the Proving Grounds: The Hunt Shrine.

The Mayachideg Shrine in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom in Akkala Highlands will strip you of all of your weapons, armor, tools, and meals. It then pits you against several Soldier Constructs that you need to beat to get to the Light of Blessing at the end.

Like other Shrines in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you need to use your wit and problem-solving skills to get through the challenges set out in Mayachideg. Your meals and elixirs are taken away from you when you enter, so just before you embark on this challenge we recommend drinking a defense or attack boosting elixir to give you a helping hand.

Without further ado, we're going to show you how to complete the Mayachideg Shrine in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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Mayachideg Shrine location in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

The Mayachideg Shrine in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is in the Akkala Highlands. It's south west of Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower, slightly north west of South Akkala Stable, and is south east of Death Mountain.

We've marked its exact location on the map below and the Mayachideg Shrine coordinates are (3063, 1802, 0217).

zelda totk mayachideg shrine map location

Mayachideg Shrine puzzle solution in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

As we said earlier, the Mayachideg Shrine puzzle solution in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is to defeat all of the Constructs within the Shrine. You won't have any armor, meals, weapons or elixirs to help you here. However, there are weapons and materials hidden throughout the Shrine that you can use with Fuse to defend yourself.

zelda totk mayachideg shrine no armor link

When you first walk into the Shrine, walk forwards until you see the two dragon heads on the ground. To the left of these is a Wooden Stick.

zelda totk mayachideg shrine stick near entrance dragon heads

Pick this up and then continue forward down the ramp until you see some Zonai Devices and a Soldier Construct I. These Zonai Devices (if you're not come across them before) are Homing Carts. Once you activate them, they move on their own and can be used to distract enemies.

zelda totk mayachideg shrine entrance area

Near the Homing Carts you should see some spikes sticking out of the floor. These are actually spiked panels that you can Fuse to your Wooden Stick to make a weapon that can take out the Construct in front of you with a few hits. You can also try attaching the spikes to the Homing Cart to create a moving weapon.

zelda totk mayachideg shrine link fusing spikes to wooden stick

Next to the Construct, near the locked gate of this area, is a Bow with some arrows and a Thick Stick. You can also use these to take down the Construct here (though we found that Fusing the spiked panel to your earlier stick was enough.)

After you beat the Construct in this room it will drop a Soldier Reaper weapon and the gate will open to the main room of the Shrine where six strong Soldier Constructs are waiting for you. They are spread out in the middle of the Shrine on a platform with several tiers on it.

zelda totk mayachideg shrine opening to second shrine area with multiple constructs

The first important thing to know is where all of your materials are. This list is written from the perspective of looking into this room from the entrance room:

  • Top Tier (Center) - A Zonai Cannon.
  • Middle Tier (Left Side) - A Homing Device and Flame-Emitter.
  • Middle Tier (Center) - Two Spiked Balls.
  • Middle Tier (Right) - A Homing Cart, Shock-Emitter, Frost-Emitter, and a Slab. (You need to use your Paraglider from the top tier to get here).
  • Middle Tier (Rear) - A Homing Cart and a Beam-Emitter.
  • Lower Tier (Center) - A Homing Cart.

Also, make sure to collect all of the materials and weapons that defeated Constructs drop. Doing this will keep your pockets full of weapons and Fuse materials to help you get through this fight. The best tip we can give you is to divide and conquer - separate the Constructs to take them out individually and you will have a better chance of succeeding.

With no armor and minimal weapons, taking them all on at once is a really hard thing to do as they can easily swarm you and kill Link in a few hits. You can go in stick and bow blazing if you want to, you can actually take out these Constructs however you want to but this is the way we did it.

Before you enter the room, use Ultrahand to grab the Homing Cart from the entrance room and place it down in the central Shrine room with the other Constructs in it. Then, activate it and it will begin to move which will get the attention of some of the Constructs.

zelda totk mayachideg shrine link sneaking past constructs
The bar at the top of your screen will show you how many Constructs you have left.

While some of them are distracted by the Homing Cart, sneak around to the top tier of the structure in the middle and take out the Construct here. They have a Bow and this can catch you off guard while fighting other Constructs, so it's better to them out first.

From this top tier, carefully drop down to the tier below (watch out for the Spiked Balls) and activate the Homing Cart here. Then, use Ultrahand to send it down near any Constructs that have spotted Link. Again, this strategy is how we approached this Shrine but if you have a preferred battle strategy then you can do what suits you best.

zelda totk mayachideg shrine link using spiked balls on stick
Haha! We made a ... thing?

If you want a long range weapon that can cause a decent amount of damage, then you can Fuse the Zonai Cannon here to a Wooden Stick to make a Cannon Club. Firing this off and hitting a Construct will alert some of them to your presence, but you can always use another Homing Cart to distract them.

zelda totk mayachideg shrine weapon menu cannon club

Then, while the Constructs are occupied, turn towards the slightly separated mid-tier platform that has three devices on it. When you are here, Fuse the Shock and Frost devices to any existing base weapons you have. We found that these two elements are extremely effective against Constructs.

zelda totk mayachideg shrine link looking at separated platform with zonai devices on it
One and a half hearts left, this is going well.

We found it really effective to slow the Constructs down by attaching Soldier Construct Horns to arrows and aiming them at the 'eye' of the Constructs. This won't stop them chasing you, but it can give you a few seconds to get away from them to create another weapon or to just chip away at their health slowly.

Separating the group of now five enemies will give you a better chance at beating them. Take out the Constructs as and when you want to.

If at any point in this room you get overwhelmed, you can run back to the entrance area to catch a quick breather. When we did this, we only had one Construct follow us and they were easier to take out on their own.

zelda totk mayachideg shrine link taking a break in entrance of shrine

All you need to do is defeat all of the Constructs in this room without dying, which is definitely easier said than done. If you're having trouble beating this Shrine the first time around, then we recommend exiting it to consume any of the following:

  • Defense Boost Elixir - Defense boosting meals will help you up your durability against the Constructs.
  • Defense Boosting Meals - Defense boosting meals will help you up your durability against the Constructs and will heal your hearts before going back into the Shrine.
  • Attack Boost Elixir - An attack boost elixir helps you to cause more damage.
  • Attack Boost Meals - An attack boost meal helps you to cause more damage and can heal any hearts you've lost before going in again.
  • Hasty Elixir - This is good for running away from Constructs on your tail.

If you're still having trouble with this Shrine, then we recommend taking some time to do other Shrines to collect Lights of Blessing that can be spent at Goddess Statues to boost your hearts and stamina.

Once you do manage to beat all of the Constructs, the gate to the Light of Blessing will open and you will see a chest here. Open this chest to get a Captain III Spear before collecting your Light of Blessing to complete the Shrine.

zelda totk mayachideg shrine link opening chest before light of blessing

This one was tricky, but congratulations on beating the Mayachideg Shrine! If you need more help in your adventure across Hyrule, check out our Skyview Tower location guide to find your way around. You can also find out how to get the Giant White Stallion if you want a new horse.

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