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How to get into Gerudo Town in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

How to find Gerudo Town in the sand storm.

Gerudo Town in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has been swallowed by a sand storm that makes it hard to see in front of you and the storm makes your Purah Pad basically useless! Without a map to guide you, getting through the storm to find the town can be a bit of a headache, especially with the slightly scary Gibdos lurking around.

Getting to Gerudo Town in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom forces you to rely on your own sense of direction and makes you use your paraglider to try to get a clear view of the situation ahead of you. Once you find the town, you won't be allowed in and you'll need to find another way to get Link inside.

We're going to show you how to find Gerudo Town and how to get into Gerudo Town in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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How to find Gerudo Town in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Now, to find Gerudo Town you need to rely on your own sense of direction, Link’s paraglider, and a few coordinates. There’s a huge sand storm that covers Gerudo Town and the surrounding area, and this storm stops your Purah Pad working. If you look at it while in the storm, you’ll only see static on the screen, you will no longer have a map or see your pins. This can make finding Gerudo Town quite difficult.

To find Gerudo Town, start at the Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower. We’ve marked its location on the map below. The coordinates for the Skyview Tower are -2432, -2178, 0307.

zelda totk gerudo canyone skyview tower map location

Then, use your Purah Pad to put a pin ever so slightly south of the Regional Phenomena as this is where you’ll find Gerudo Town.

Now, from the Skyview Tower, use your Purah Pad to but down another pin on your map. This time, you’ll want to put the next pin on the location for Kara Kara Bazaar. We’ve circled its exact location on the map below for you. The coordinates for Kara Kara Bazaar are -3267, -2550, 0023.

zelda totk kara kara bazaar map location

Once you’ve done this, head to Kara Kara Bazaar and activate the Mayatat Shrine here as this will create a Fast Travel point that will be useful in the long run.

When you’ve found the Bazaar, head for the cooking pot near the tents by the Shrine and you should see an updraft with a few people grouped in front of it. Head over here and use your paraglider to ride the updraft.

zelda totk link is looking at the kara kara bazaar updraft

The updraft will lift you above the storm for a few seconds and your Purah Pad will work again. Quickly check the direction you are going in to make sure you’re facing the same way as your pin. Then, when you drop back down into the sand while facing the direction of your pin, keep moving forward in a straight line.

Now, staying in a straight line can be hard to do with enemies scattered about. There are monsters called Gibdo’s across the desert and they don’t really get damaged by melee weapons when you first encounter them. Instead, hit them with an elemental attack (such as a Flame Fruit attached to an arrow) to turn them white. When they become white and look like a skeleton, you can then hit them with melee attacks as they will be vulnerable.

zelda totk link fighting gibdo in gerudo town

Also, you’re likely to come across a Desert Rift (a big canyon). You can glide across this to the other side if you want to. If you go around it, then keep an eye out for more updrafts to lift you above the storm to check your location again.

Fortunately, not all of your Purah Pad is being blocked by the storm. Your coordinates still work! So, with that in mind, the coordinates for Gerudo Town are -3820, -2898, 0044.

Here’s the exact location of Gerudo Town on a map, however this location is only revealed after you discover the Town yourself.

zelda totk gerudo town map location

How to get into Gerudo Town in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Gerudo Town is deserted, or so it appears. The town has actually moved into a bunker. To get into the town, face the main building in the square (this is the one that has a Shrine right at the very top of it). Below the main doors of the building, you should see an opening with torches in it and steps that lead down.

zelda totk gerudo town shelter main entrance

Head down these stairs and speak with Reeza, you’ll find out that you’re not allowed in because you’re a Voe, but there is another way to get into the town. Head back outside and face the main building again as you did earlier.

Then, when facing the main building, look to your left. You should see some cooking pots and an opening to the left of these. This is a Well.

zelda totk gerudo town well to get into shelter

Jump into the opening and you’ll land in an underground area. When you are here, head to the very end of the Well. To do this, walk in the opposite direction to the flowing water. You’ll also notice that there are letters in bottles floating down the river. Pick one up and give it a read if you want to.

Then, when you reach the end of this Well, you’ll see a jug attached to a piece of string. In here, look up and use Ascend to get through the floor and into Gerudo Town’s shelter where the entire town is currently living.

zelda totk end of gerudo town well below shelter

Well done for finding and getting into Gerudo Town. If you need a break from all the sand, why not check out our guide that shows you how to find the Golden Horse. However, if you want more puzzles to solve, take a look at our Shrine locations guide.

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