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How to find ODM Gear in Fortnite and how to use it

Time to make the most of the omni-directional mobility gear.

ODM Gear in Fortnite is a new equipable item you can use to get around the map and you need to use it to complete some of the quest challenges to unlock Eren Jaeger.

The first step to completing any of these challenges in Fortnite is actually tracking down some of the ODM Gear. Fortunately, there are several ways you can get your hands on this useful traversal and attack-based tool.

Without further ado, we're going to show you how to find ODM Gear in Fortnite, how to use it, and we explain the challenges that need it.

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How to find ODM Gear in Fortnite

ODM Gear in Fortnite can be found as ground loot scattered across the map, in treasure chests, or in special Scout Regiment Footlockers. Also, as with most loot in Fortnite, you can also pick it up from downed players who have dropped their ODM Gear.

Ground Loot

You can find ODM Gear as ground loot, it can be anywhere across the map. Inside a building or outside, hidden up high or down low below a bridge. You're likely to simply come across it by accident as you run around the map.

However, we have frequently found ODM Gear as ground loot in Anvil Square, The Citadel, and in Frenzy Fields.

fortnite odm gear ground loot

Treasure Chests

You can also find ODM Gear by opening treasure chests dotted around the map. Not every treasure chest will have this item in it, so it's really a game of chance whether or not you will find one this way.

We recommend opening any that you find because the chests can still contain good loot and a fair amount of gold.

Fortnite, a character is looking at a loot chest.

Scout Regiment Footlockers

You are pretty much guaranteed to find ODM Gear in Scout Regiment Footlockers. These are Attack on Titan themed loot boxes hidden across the map and you will need to do some hunting to find them. They are typically tucked away out of sight or hidden in a room.

We've frequently found Scout Regiment Footlockers in The Citadel and in Anvil Square.

fortnite scout regiment footlocker

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How to use ODM Gear in Fortnite

Once you've gotten your hands on ODM Gear, it's time to learn how to use it. The ODM Gear essentially works as a grapple, you aim where you want to go, fire the gear and you will be pulled to your target.

Then, you can either choose to swing around your target or jump off as you swing about to launch yourself into a glide. You can get around pretty quickly doing this, and it's great for gaining the advantage against your enemies.

Swinging with ODM Gear

To swing with ODM Gear, equip it as you would do with a normal weapon and then look at the left side of your screen. Here, you should see two control/command prompts. Use the one that has 'Grapple' written next to it.

Then, look around you. You should see a circle appear on your screen. If there is an 'X' in the middle of it, it means you cannot use the ODM Gear where you are facing. If the circle is whole, you can use the gear.

fortnite odm gear grapple swing

All you have to do once you have the full circle is press the prompted control/command to pull yourself to your target. Keep holding down the control/command and move your directional stick to swing around as you are being pulled to your target.

If you want to launch yourself off the swing, use your jump command as you are being pulled and you should be launched off. During this, you can look around and latch onto another target or you can drop down. You do not sustain fall damage using ODM Gear.

Attacking with ODM Gear

You can also attack with ODM Gear (which will help you complete another quest). This can inflict a lot of damage on an enemy, so it's worth knowing about.

When you equip your ODM Gear, you should see two options appear on the left side of your screen with control prompts. The 'Hover/Attack' one is the one you need for attacking an enemy.

Use the indicated control command and then aim at your enemy. Once you're happy with your target, release the control/command to attack the target.
fortnite odm gear attack titan
On Xbox the command for attacking is 'LT'.

Limited Usability

However, the ODM Gear has limited usability. When you pick a piece of the gear up, look at your weapon inventory in the bottom right corner of your screen. You should see a bar next to the small image of the ODM Gear.

fortnite odm gear durability icon

This bar will decrease slowly each time you use the ODM Gear. Once it wears down to nothing, the gear will break and disappear from your inventory. You will then need to find another set.

ODM Gear Cooldown

Also, the ODM Gear will need to cooldown between uses. Once you've used it and worn its stamina down, the gear will go back into your inventory and be greyed out for a while. A small symbol will appear on the image in the bottom right corner of your screen to show that it's cooling down. Once the symbol is full, you can use the gear again.

fortnite odm gear recharging icon screen

All challenges that need ODM Gear in Fortnite

There are quite a few challenges in Fortnite that you need ODM Gear for. We've listed the challenges below and the rewards for completing them.

For the first challenge we've listed, we found it very easy to complete it in the forest near Anvil Square. There are a bunch of trees close together and it makes it easy to swing between them in succession.

Challenge Reward
Swing from three different trees in a row using ODM Gear (1) A World Without Walls Loading Screen
Hit opponents with ODM Gear attacks or a Thunder Spear (7) Determined Eren Emoticon
Hit the nape of different Titan Targets with ODM Gear Attacks (4) Titan Strike Harvesting Tool
fortnite odm gear glide

Also, completing any of these challenges will get you closer to unlocking Eren Jaeger.

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