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How to retreat in Honkai Star Rail

Here's how to flee during combat.

One very important thing Honkai: Star Rail doesn't tell you is how to retreat in battle, which can save you a lot of time when you know you're going to lose eventually.

If you've built a team not suited for a certain enemy encounter, or forgot to use items or a character's helpful Technique to buff your party before engaging an enemy, it's also best to retreat instead of toughing it out and wasting time.

To help you out during combat, we've explained how to retreat in Honkai: Star Rail below, including how to leave the Simulated Universe.

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How to retreat in Honkai Star Rail

For all combat situations, including boss fights and battles in the Forgotten Hall, you can retreat in Honkai Star Rail by pressing the pause button and then selecting 'Retreat', 'Return', or 'End combat and finalize'.

So, PC players need to click the two vertical lines next to the auto-battle toggle in the upper right-hand corner, mobile users just need to touch it, and those playing with a controller should press the options button (AKA the start button).

Retreating will take you back to the nearest Space Anchor and heal your party, or boot you to where you began the challenge.

If you retreat from a battle in the Forgotten Hall you will instead be brought back to the main menu of Forgotten Hall.

However, if you're having a tough time in the Simulated Universe and want to retreat, it's handled a little differently.

Version 2.4 with Yunli and Jiaoqiu is coming soon! For now, in version 2.3 we have Jade and Argenti running, so make sure to redeem those new codes for Stellar Jade if you want them or future characters - and check out our regularly updated tier list. For everything else, we have pages on the next Banner, Ministry of Education quiz answers, and how to get more Star Rail Passes.

How to leave the Simulated Universe in Honkai Star Rail

It's the same inputs to retreat from battle while in the Simulated Universe - pausing and choosing the option to end combat - but fleeing from one encounter will take you out of the Simulated Universe entirely. So you'll have to start from the beginning of this World again after retreating.

While not in combat you can leave the Simulated Universe by selecting the exit symbol above the mini-map in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.

When you leave, any points collected will still count towards your Simulated Universe weekly mission, and you also get to keep item drops from any defeated enemies.

All the best in your future battles in Honkai Star Rail!

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