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Honkai Star Rail 1.0 Banner and event details

Everything available at Star Rail's launch.

The first Honkai: Star Rail Banner and event details have been officially announced for its 1.0 launch.

As well as revealing a PlayStation version is in devlopment, we now know there will be two Banner phases and the very first time-limited events for the 1.0 patch, along with the first story areas to explore, side activities to take part in, and plenty of main quests to work through!

These first Honkai: Star Rail Banners each feature a 5-Star character, but we don't know who the boosted 4-Star characters will be yet. There were also details revealed on the game's Departure, Standard, and first Light Cone weapon Banners.

Below, you can find out what the 1.0 Banners and events schedule will be for the Honkai: Star Rail release date and beyond, as well as everything else we know coming in Star Rail's launch.

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Honkai: Star Rail 1.0 Banners

There are two 5-Star characters making their Banner debut in the 1.0: Seele and Jing Yuan.

Phase 1 begins with Seele, featured in her Butterfly on Swordtip Banner. Seele is a 5-Star character who attacks with the Quantum Element, and follows The Hunt path, which means she is best used for single-target damage.

The Light Cone weapon Banner will feature the 'In the Night' Hunt Lightcone in Phase 1 to run alongside Seele.

Phase 2 of the 1.0 Banners then switches it up to Jing Yuan, featured on his Swirl of Heavenly Spear Banner. Jing Yuan is a 5-Star character who attacks with the Lightning Element, and follows The Erudition path, which means he is best used for AOE (area of effect) multi-target damage.

The Light Cone weapon Banner will feature the 'Before dawn' Erudition Lightcone in Phase 2 to run alongside Jing Yuan.

There's no official date as to when Phase 1 ends and Phase 2 begins, and we don't know who or what the featured 4-Star characters and weapons on the Banners will be just yet, but we'll update this page when it's made official.

Version 2.1 with Acheron, Aventurine, and Gallagher is here! So make sure to redeem those new codes for Stellar Jade if you want them or future characters - and check all characters out on our regularly updated tier list. For everything else, we have pages on the next Banner, Ministry of Education quiz answers, how to get more Star Rail Passes, and an English voice actors list.

Honkai: Star Rail 1.0 events

As well as all the launch content, we know of three time-limited events during Honkai: Star Rail 1.0. This means, unlike other story and side content, you must complete these challenges before their set end date, or you'll lose out on rewards.

We don't know what dates these will be running on, but here's everything else we know about the time-limited events in Honkai: Star Rail 1.0:

Honkai: Star Rail Boulder Town Super League event

Boulder Town Super League starts during Phase 2 of the 1.0 launch.

From the livestream, it sounds like the Super League might be a permanent fixture, but there is going to be a time-limited challenge during 1.0 that you can complete for additional rewards.

For this fighting club challenge, located in Belobog's underworld, you will take part in five battles, where you have to earn points to improve your ranking until you reach the top and earn 'Scott Business Alliance's luxurious reward'.

To start a battle, you have to choose your party, then a random opponent from the league will be selected to go up against you. There is a sneak peak at what their level and possible weakness will be, so build your party around this information if you want to win.

After defeating each opponent, you'll get a buff that you can take into other fights.

Honkai: Star Rail A World Beyond login event

For Star Rail's launch we're getting a seven day login event that rewards Star Rail Special Passes, which can be used for Warping on event Banners, like Seele and Jing Yuan.

All you have to do is log in on seven separate days while the event is running to obtain a total of 10 Star Rail Special Passes.

All Stars Invite web event

For taking part in the All Stars Invite web event, you can get some helpful in-game rewards when Star Rail 1.0 launches, including the chance to get 4-Star Light Cone weapons, Relics, character EXP, Light Cone EXP, and more.

You also get the chance to build a custom ticket, which we think is a nice touch that fits in with the whole train-vibe of Star Rail.

But wait, there's more! Along with the pre-registration rewards, there are more ways to get Special Passes during 1.0. We've got more information on how to get these Special Passes and regular Passes below.

Everything else we know about the Honkai: Star Rail 1.0 launch

There's a lot coming to the 1.0 launch of Honkai: Star Rail! We'll highlight all of the biggest content below, but we're going to stick to what has been officially announced, so nothing from the beta that hasn't been revealed yet, as not everything is guaranteed to carry over to launch.

Here's everything we know about all the major content coming to Honkai: Star Rail during its 1.0 launch:

Trailblazing Will

This permanent reward system gives you a total of 40 regular Star Rail Passes and 1,600 Stellar Jade for reaching the required Trailblaze Levels. Stellar Jade can be traded in exchange for regular or Special Star Rail Passes. So, that works out as a total of 50 pulls on Banners.

Trailblaze Level is increased by completing activities like story and side quests, opening chests, and using up your daily Trailblaze Power.

Departure and Standard Banners

The Standard Banner is what you spend your normal Star Rail Passes on to Warp (pull) for 5-Star characters, and 4-Star characters and Light Cone weapons. This is a permanent Banner that never goes away, but the Departure Banner only lasts for a total of 50 Warps.

However, it's worth using your regular Star Rail Passes on the Departure Banner, as there's a 20% discount for a set of 10 Warps, and you are guaranteed a 5-Star character within these 50 total pulls.

With all the free Passes obtained, you will be able to get a 5-Star character from the Departure Banner very early on in the game.

Forgotten Hall

This permanent gameplay mode is a great way to earn rewards while testing the power of your chosen teams. You have to defeat waves of enemies in the Forgotten Hall under a set amount of turns (cycles), giving these battles higher stakes - and making them a lot tougher!

You enter each battle stage with your chosen team, and you must defeat the set waves of enemies within the required cycles in order to get your rewards and move on to the next stage. You can even get extra rewards for completing bonus objectives.

The other part of the Forgotten Hall is the 'Memory of Chaos', which contains the hardest enemies and challenges. However, these challenges will be regularly refreshed so you can keep earning rewards from them.

For reaching a special stage of the Forgotten Hall, you can also get 4-Star character Qingque for free, who uses the Quantum Element, and follows The Erudition path, which means she is best used for AOE (area of effect) multi-target damage.

Simulated Universe

Like the Forgotten Hall, Simulated Universe is also a permanent, optional, gameplay mode that tests your combat skills with rewards to be earned. However, there's no turn limit. Instead, you explore areas and gain randomised buffs (Blessings) after every encounter, making it more of a roguelike challenge.

You get points for taking part in the Simulated Universe, which can then be used to redeem rewards from Herta's shop. These rewards are refreshed every week.

For reaching a special stage, you can also get 4-Star character Herta for free, who uses the Ice Element, and she also follows The Erudition path, which means she is best used for AOE (area of effect) multi-target damage.


Just like the beta, we're getting three worlds to explore in Honkai: Star Rail 1.0:

  • Herta Space Station.
  • Jarilo-VI.
  • Xianzhou Luofa.

Herta Space Station is where you begin your Star Rail journey, and is the smallest area in the game - but there's still lots to do aboard it, with plenty of side quests and optional content available.

Jarilo-VI contains the city of Belobog, which has a snowy overworld, and a gloomy underworld, with characters from both areas joining the Astral Express crew on their adventures on the planet.

Belobog's underworld.

The Xianzhou Alliance is a fleet of ships, one of which is the gargantuan Luofa. As well as exploring Central Starskiff Haven, Cloudfort, Stargazer Navalia, and the Jade Gate, the Exalting Sanctum is new to 1.0, having not appeared in any previous betas.

The Xianzhou Luofa's new Exalting Sanctum area.

The 1.0 launch patch will also contain story and side quest content up until the Xianzhou Luofa, and a whole bunch of other side activities to spend your time with until the next patch brings us new Banners, events, and story content.

If you'd like to learn more about the game before it releases, we have a Star Rail explainer that details all the important gameplay features, and its connection to the wider Honkai universe.

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