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Where to find pinecone locations in Genshin Impact

The best places to find pinecones.

Pinecones in Genshin Impact can be cooked with other ingredients to make meals that provide health and other stat boosts, or traded with characters for Reputation Quests and events like Marvelous Merchandise.

There are a few different areas where you can locate them, so we've detailed exactly where to find pinecones in Genshin Impact below, along with the best locations to find pinecones quickly.

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Where to find pinecone locations in Genshin Impact

The area where you can find the most pinecones in Genshin Impact is Mondstadt, as it's a staple of recipes associated with the region.

Pinecones can be found sparkling in large batches on the ground below trees in locations like Wolvendom, Spring Vales, and Whispering Woods. All pinecone picked up will refresh every day.

More specifically, here's exactly where to find pinecones in Mondstadt in Genshin Impact:

Image credit: hoyolab.com.

If you're only after a few pinecones, however, there are a couple of ideal spots you should go too...

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Best place to find Pinecones quickly in Genshin Impact

Pinecones are a common enough drop from trees in Mondstadt, but you might not have been picking them up on your travels. As you might only need a few to complete a quest, or trade during a Marvelous Merchandise event, there's two quick spots you should consider visiting.

Here are the best places to quickly find pinecones in Genshin Impact:

  • Cliff west of Midsummer Courtyard Domain
  • On cliffs around Favonius Cathedral in Mondstadt City

If you have the Midsummer Courtyard Domain unlocked, the best way to get pinecones quickly in Genshin Impact is to fast travel to it (east of Starfell Lake), and look for sparkles under the trees along the western cliff close by. You'll find seven or eight Pinecones around this area.

If you can't fast travel to the Midsummer Courtyard Domain, the next best way to get pinecones quickly is to search under the trees along the cliffs around the Favonius Cathedral, in the northwest of Mondstadt City. Follow the trees and you'll find six or seven quickly

Good luck collecting pinecones in Genshin Impact!