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Genshin Impact Future Star locations for Star Seeker's Sojourn event

Get Primogems and Mora from the latest event.

You need to find Future Stars as part of the Star-Seeker's Sojourn event in Genshin Impact if you want to earn rewards like Primogems and Mora.

Below, we've explained how the Star-Seeker's Sojourn event works, and Future Star locations locations in Genshin Impact during version 3.1.

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Genshin Impact Star-Seeker Sojourn event explained

To take part in the Star-Seeker's Sojourn event, you'll have to be at least Adventure Rank 30. Apart from this, you're free to start the event anytime after Friday, 21st October until it ends on Monday, 31st October.

To start Star-Seeker's Sojourn, go to Banu, who is located near the Teleport Waypoint at Pardis Dhyai, which is in the middle of Sumeru's green forest area. She’ll ask for your help in finding Future Stars, and then give you the Banu's Wisdom gadget to help you do so.

Go into your 'Gadgets' tab of the backpack menu and equip Banu's Wisdom, then navigate to the 'Events' menu and select Star-Seeker's Sojourn. From here, you'll see the general location of each Future Star as they get added throughout the event. You can then set a navigation waypoint to each Future Star.

When you get to the correct area, a yellow circle will appear on your map. Within this circle lies the Future Star, but you'll have to use your new gadget to find a puzzle first, which when solved creates an easy path to its exact location.

Finding each Future Star offers different rewards, including Primogems, Mora, and Ascension materials.

Remember, you only have until Monday, 31st October to claim these rewards - so make sure you find every Future Star that you can before then!

Genshin Impact Future Star locations for Day 1 Future Star Rising

The first Future Star, called Future Star Rising, is located on top of the ancient ruin machine at Devantaka Mountain in the southeastern area of Sumeru's green forests.

You'll need to use your Banu's Wisdom gadget within the yellow circle of Devantaka Mountain to find the puzzle to this Day 1 Future Star first. This puzzle is located on top of the giant vertical cog, overlooking the mountain's inner lake.

Read its clue to activate wind tunnels and four-leaf sigils, and use them to get to the arm of the ancient ruin machine. Climb up it, but be careful, as you can easily fall if not jumping over obstacles. When you can't climb any further, tilt your camera up and you'll see more Four-Leaf Sigils and wind tunnels.

Follow the sigils and wind tunnels to the top of the ancient ruin machine's head, then walk over to the small Future Star to collect it.

Genshin Impact Future Star locations for Day 2 The Perilous Road's Future Star

The second Future Star, called The Perilous Road's Future Star, is located outside a small ruined building southwest of The Mausoleum of King Desheret, which is in the southwestern area of Sumeru's desert.

Go to the bright light coming from the ground here to discover that Day 2's 'puzzle' is actually a combat challenge. All you have to do is defeat the Primal Constructs to reveal a wind tunnel in the middle of the ruined building.

While in the wind tunnel, you'll see the Future Star on top of a rock. Float down to collect it.

Genshin Impact Future Star locations for Day 3 The Wise Future Star

The third Future Star, called The Wise Future Star, is located in the northside of Apam Woods, which is in the southwestern area of Sumeru's green forest area.

You'll see the start of the puzzle on top of a grey circular area. Like other puzzles of this type, you'll need to use a Pyro character to light four torches found close to this grey circle. Two torches are glowing blue, however, so use an Electro character's ability on the floating green creature to reveal them fully.

Use an Electro character to reveal the two torches glowing blue for this Day 3 Future Star puzzle.

You'll find two torches to the left of the circle, and two to the right (which includes one on a small incline, so take care not to fall!)

The Future Star will appear in the middle of the grey circle once all four torches are lit.

Genshin Impact Future Star locations for Day 4 The Hidden Path's Future Star

The fourth Future Star, called The Hidden Path's Future Star, is located on the north cliffside of the Sobek Oasis, which is in the southwestern area of Sumeru's Desert, south of the Statue of the Seven.

Use the wind tunnel and the Four Leaf Sigils to get to the top, then take a leap of faith, Indiana Jones style, and walk across the air to the northside of the cliff. A blue path will come into view when you step on the right area, and from here you need to work out the correct path to get to the Future Star without falling.

Your goal is to get to the northwestern side of these blue paths. To make your journey easier, hit the floating green creatures with an Electro archer character, like Fischl, to reveal large areas of the path.

We found it easiest to walk to the right of the cliff first, then make our way further right until we took a left when the Future Star was directly across from us, like in the picture below.

Genshin Impact Future Star locations for Day 5 The Future Star at Wind's End

The fifth Future Star, called The Future Star at Wind's End, is located in the large oasis of water between Sobek Oasis and Dar al-Shifa , which is in the southeastern area of Sumeru's Desert.

You'll find the glowing 'hint' to the puzzle on the northside of the water, which turns out to be another combat puzzle with Slimes and Fungi enemies of various elements.

Defeat all ten of the enemies to reveal the real path to the Future Star, which is on the small piece of land in the water, under a Four Leaf Sigil.

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Genshin Impact Future Star locations for Day 6 Forest's Hidden Future Star

The sixth Future Star, called Forest's Hidden Future Star, is located on the northside of Gardharva Ville , which is in the eastern area of Sumeru's green forests.

The actual Future Star is located on top of the large tree in the middle of the village, but to get there, you'll have to find the hint location noted above first, which activates wind tunnels and Four Leaf Sigils.

When you've read the hint sign, use the Four Leaf Sigils and go through the wind hoops and up the wind tunnel, then float down and go through the single wind hoop, which will take you further up the tree.

Climb up the brown wood that sort of looks like a large ladder to go further up the tree still. If you've not been here before, there's an Exquisite Chest waiting for you at the top.

From here, all you have to do is walk forward on the tree until you see a branch with a bouncy green mushroom on it. The Future star is above this mushroom, so bounce on it and float into the Future Star to pick it up and complete this hunt.

All you have to do now is go back to Banu and complete the rest of the questline to fully finish Star-Seeker's Sojourn and get all of your rewards.

Hope you're enjoying this Genshin Impact event!