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Genshin Impact Crystal Marrow locations and where to find Crystal Marrow explained

All the way back to Final Fantasy X’s dodging lightning mini-game.

Crystal Marrow is a type of material in Genshin Impact that you might want to know where to find.

In many regions in Inazuma, players will find materials that they have never seen before and some of them are utilized by characters or recipes that came with the new area. While some are easy to spot, others require a little more exploration.

To help you find Crystal Marrow in Genshin Impact, we have prepared this guide to show the best places to find Crystal Marrow.

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What is Crystal Marrow used for in Genshin Impact?

Crystal Marrow is a specific type of ore that can only be found in some regions of Inazuma. This crystal is essential for the ascension of a few characters in the game. On the other hand, there are no items that you will need Crystal Marrow to craft.

While players usually need to break rocks and crystals to farm some types of ore, Crystal Marrow can be collected directly. It also has a respawn time of two days.

These are the characters that need Crystal Marrow to ascend:

  • Aloy
  • Sayu

Since this material is going to be used in every stage of the characters’ ascension, it is important to farm them consistently.

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Where to find Crystal Marrow in Genshin Impact

Since you can’t find vendors selling Crystal Marrow, your only option is to harvest them by yourself.

To find it, you need to go to Yashiori Island, west of Narukami Island. Most of the nodes of Crystal Marrow are near Orobashi’s giant bones.

We recommend completing the world quest - Orobashi’s Legacy - or else lightning will constantly occur in the region. It is possible to harvest the crystals without completing the quest, but doing so will make your life easier.

Where to find Crystal Marrow on Yashiori Island.

A few nodes can also be found in some areas of Kannazuka Island.

Where to find Crystal Marrow on Kannazuka Island.

Now that you know where to find Crystal Marrow in Genshin Impact, all you need is to prepare your farm route!

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