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Fortnite - Set structures on fire explained: How to complete the week 4 challenge

Never play with matches.

Setting structures on fire is one of the challenges you can complete in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6.

This challenge sees you unleashing your inner arsonist as you destroy 10 structures on the Fortnite map with the mighty force of fire.

Completing this challenge will reward you with 24k XP, which will help you unlock the new Battle Pass skin.

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Note this particular challenge is no longer able to be completed. What's new? Chapter 4 Season 2 has arrived! New additions include the Grind Rails and Kinetic Blades, along with the new Battle Pass, character collection and Eren Jaeger skin. It's a good idea to know how to get XP fast in Fortnite.

How to set structures on fire in Fortnite

How to set structures on fire in Fortnite

There are multiple ways to set structures on fire in Fortnite, such as firing an arrow using the Flame Bow or exploding a gas can near a wooden structure, but the easiest way to throw bottled fireflies on a wooden building.

The best place to find fireflies is by far the Weeping Wood, with little clusters of these surprisingly dangerous insects dotted about the woods. If you're having trouble finding some fireflies, try exploring the wood at night when the fireflies will have an orange glow.

Fireflies are easier to see during the night.

Once you've collected some fireflies, head to one of the multiple wooden buildings dotted around Weeping Woods.

After finding one, simply toss the fireflies onto the structure and watch as the fire takes hold. Just make sure you toss the fireflies on the wooden part, so it will catch alight, and you make a quick exit or else you may find yourself losing health.

Fire, unsurprisingly, burns.

The structure only needs to be one fire for it to count towards the challenge, so we suggest visiting multiple wooden buildings and setting them aflame to ensure you can complete this task quickly. This challenge can also be completed across multiple matches, so just keep tossing fireflies and setting fires until you've lit 10 structures.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 is here! To help you get started with this heist themed season, we have guides on how to alert a Securitry Camera, secure data from Forecast Towers and destroy weakened walls or security gates. There's also a new Victory Umbrella! Meanwhile, learn what the best weapons are, the current Augments, how to get XP fast, use the best PC settings and earn a Victory Crown.

'Set structures on fire' not working in Fortnite explained

At the time of writing, the 'Set structures on fire' challenge is experiencing a bug in which a number of players are not having the progress of this quest tracked properly.

The quest is either counting randomly or not counting at all once a player completes it; the exact number of players affected is unknown, with some players being able to complete the challenge without issue.

Thankfully, Epic Games is investigating the issue, with the FortniteStatus Twitter account stating they are looking into the issue on Thursday, 8th April.

If you're having issues with this challenge, then we recommend waiting until the issue has been fixed before attempting to complete it. We're still in the opening weeks of Season 6, so you've got more than enough time to complete this challenge before the season ends.

If you'd like to learn more about Fortnite Season 6, then check out our guides on the Battle Pass skins, raptors, the other forms of wildlife on the island, the golden artefact locations and how to fly with a chicken.

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