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Where to find Scout Regiment Lockers in Fortnite

The fastest way to get ODM Gear.

Scout Regiment Lockers are a new type of Chest in Fortnite.

They were added as part of Fortnite's Attack on Titan tie-in, alongside ODM Gear and the Thunder Spear Mythic weapon.

Here's where to find Scout Regiment Lockers in Fortnite, and what they can contain.

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Where to find Scout Regiment Lockers in Fortnite

Scout Regiment Lockers have a large number of spawn points all over the Fortnite map. The problem is, they are not always found at these spawn points, meaning that heading to ultra-specific locations may not be the best way to make sure you find one.

Anvil Square and Shattered Slabs are easily the best places to look, with the latter being a much quieter drop. Check the buildings on the western coast, near Shattered Slabs, and in our experience, you have a very high chance of finding a Scout Regiment Locker.

Anvil Square is a bit trickier. The lockers are spread all over the town, and you'll need to check several buildings, all the while fighting off all of the players landing there to complete the Jaeger's Family Basement quest. If you're finding things too busy, you can also chack the Citadel, which is currently not a particularly busy landing spot.

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There are Guard Towers littered around the map as well, some of which can contain a Scout Regiment Locker. We've marked these towers on the map below:

It's worth noting that while the areas described above are great places to look, Scout Regiment Lockers can be found at pretty much in or around every named location. The exception to this is the northeastern region of the map, Lonely Labs and Brutal Bastion, where there are so few spawns it's probably not worth your time.

What can you find in Fortnite's Scout Regiment Lockers?

Scout Regiment Lockers always contain at least one of the new Attack on Titan Mythic Items. this means either the ODM Gear, the Thunder Spears, or both. Small shields can also drop. Generally, ODM Gear is the most common drop, making Scout Regiment Lockers well worth seeking out.

Good luck tracking down Scout Regiment lockers in Fortnite!

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