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Fortnite henchmen, phonebooth disguises and ID scanners explained

How to sneak into locked locations with a new look.

Fortnite's henchmen are one of many new additions to Fortnite's new map for Season 2.

Similar to the cube monsters or Stormtroopers from previous seasons, these are non-player adversaries you must fight - and since they are equipped with weaponry, will fight you back.

However, thanks to phonebooth disguises, you can sneak past them - and make use of ID scanners to access new areas while wearing them.

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Fortnite henchmen explained - from henchmen locations to stealth and shakedowns

Henchmen are found within the five Season 2 'spy' themed locations found across Fortnite's map:

Where to find henchmen in Fortnite.

All of these are populated with henchmen from one of two factions - Ghost or Shadow.

Henchmen will attack on you sight, so make sure you grab a weapon quickly so you can defend yourself.

Ideally, you should land somewhere quiet, and sneak around to avoid detection of henchmen. Like any stealth game, the standard rules apply - don't run, stay low by crouching, and stay of their line of sight.

Also like a stealth game, indicators will appear above their heads when they might have spotted something suspicious, or have seen your location.

If you fight one, they won't die straight away - instead entering a downed state. From here, you can walk up to them and press a shakedown prompt.

This will then give you the locations of nearby chests and other items you can use.

Use this to help you explore the area easier. Of course, you can still be spotted by other henchmen, which is why a disguise comes in handy...

Fortnite phonebooth disguises explained: How to disguise yourself as a henchmen in Fortnite

If you want to explore the location unhindered - so henchmen and security drones won't attack you - then you need a henchmen disguise.

Henchmen disguises are collected from phonebooths. These are dotted throughout the locations where henchmen are found, and look like a typical red British phonebooth.

They're all over the place, but if you're looking to test this out, we found one on the bottom floor of the south-west corner of The Rig, and above ground and outside, near the centre of The Agency.

Once you have the disguise, other henchmen (of that same faction) and security systems won't hassle you.

One important note with disguises - if you are damaged, whether that's by fall damage, the storm or in a firefight, the disguise is lost. To get it back again, simply revisit a phonebooth.

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Fortnite ID scanners on doors and chests explained

Throughout each of these locations, you'll find ID scanners. These guard access to certain doors and chests throughout each complex, and will open if you have the right identification.

With your regular appearance, these will result in your being locked out. Instead, you need to find a disguise, which you can find from an aforementioned phonebooth.

Once you have one, return to the ID scanner and scan yourself. If successful, they will open up.

Remember, if you were damaged before the disguise was scanned, then the disguise will disappear and it won't work - so you have to collect one again.

It's also worth noting some doors with ID scanners can be avoided by taking an alternate route, if you're struggling to find a disguise.

However, you must have one for ID scanner chests - which are worth the hassle of opening for the improved loot they provide.

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