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Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 map, named locations and landmarks explained

Every location you can explore on Chapter 4 Season 2's new map.

Chapter 4 of Fortnite introduced a whole new map, comprised of some familiar locations, alongside brand new ones.

Now that Season 2 of Fortnite is here, new Mega locations have been added. This included Mega City: a large named location with neon-drenched skyscrapers and grind rails.

Here's the full Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 map, landmarks and how to unlock new POIs.

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What's new on the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 map?

The beginning of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 saw a whole new area added in the southeastern part of the map. These new locations include Steamy Springs, which has geysers and sakura trees, as well as Mega City, which is where you'll find the new grind rails.

How to reveal named locations and landmarks on the Fortnite map

When loading into a new season of Fortnite, only the new areas will be greyed out (unless there's been a full map refresh, which is rare). You will need to head to the grey areas to unlock them fully. Generally, and as is especially true this season, these greyed out locations are unlocked by visiting a specific landmark in each one. Try to look around for notable points of interest. These tend to be buildings, or larger structures.

You will receive a small amount of XP when you visit a named location or landmark for the first time. To see the map in all of its true glory, you will need to visit each of the named locations and any major landmarks - be it on foot or after landing from the Battle Bus.

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Fortnite map named locations listed

At the beginning of each Fortnite season, we can usually expect a handful of new locations to visit. Sometimes, named locations are added mid-season as well. Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 saw four new named locations added to the map:

  • Steamy Springs
  • Knotty Nets
  • Mega City
  • Kenjutsu Crossing

In addition, the following locations return from Chapter 4 Season 1 of Fortnite:

  • Breakwater Bay
  • Lonely Labs
  • Brutal Bastion
  • Anvil Square
  • The Citadel
  • Slappy Shores
  • Frenzy Farms
  • Shattered Slabs
Grind rails are a new addition this season. And can be found at the new Mega City location.

Fortnite landmarks explained

Landmarks in Fortnite are smaller locations that are found all over the map. These generally contain smaller points of interest to explore, usually centred around specific objects like shipwrecks or castle towers. You'll naturally encounter landmarks by simply explorimng the map and, like with named locations, you'll earn some XP by finding them.

Past Fortnite Chapter 4 maps

So far, we've had two main maps as part of Fortnite Chapter 4. They have generally been much more open, and contain small hamlets and villages with a medieval vibe. There's a snow biome to the North, as well as a green farmland region to the South. So far, it's the southeastern region that has gone through the most changes.

Here's how Fortnite's map looked at the end of Chapter 4 Season 1:

Have fun exploring Fortnite's new map!

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