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Fortnite Chaos Rising Challenges list for Week 9

All the available challenges in Chapter 2 Season 1's ninth week.

Fortnite Chaos Rising Challenges gives you a new set of objectives in the ninth week of Fortnite Chapter 2.

These challenges mostly revolve around water (unsurprisingly!) and finding supply drops.

Completing a challenge will reward you with a nice amount of XP, helping you level up your Fortnite Chapter 2 Battle Pass.

Fortnite Chaos Rising Challenge list

The following Week 9 'Chaos Rising' Challenges went live on December 5th, 2019. (Thanks to Lucas7yoshi on Twitter for confirming the full list.)

Fortnite Chaos Rising Challenge list:

Chaos Rising challengeTotal
Search Ammo Boxes at Steamy Stacks or Holly Hedges7
Skydive through rings in Steamy Stacks1
Complete a Motorboat time trial1
Deal damage to opponents from below250
Dance at the Green Steel Bridge, the Yellow Steel Bridge, and the Red Steel Bridge1
Eliminations with Shotguns3
Use a Zipline in different matches2
Eliminations from within 5 meters3
Search Chests in a single match5
Deal damage to opponents while in water500

Completing eight Chaos Rising Challenges will reward you with a Chaos Rising loading screen.

Like other Challenges, this will unlock a bonus challenge at the end - but instead, it will be a XP Drop hidden in the loading screen.

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