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Fortnite boat locations: Where to find boats and how they work?

Where to find boats in Fortnite.

The Fortnite boats are new form of transportation introduced in Fortnite Chapter Two.

You'll find these boats scattered along the shoreline and along the rivers on the new Fortnite map. Boats can be used as both a quick escape and a way to quickly mow down your enemies if needed.

First, however, you need to know the boat locations.

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Fortnite boats explained: How do boats work?

There are loads of things you can do with a boat in Fortnite once you've found one.

The first activity is pretty obvious - you can use your boat to sail around the island.

The new Fornite map has multiple rivers, lakes, islands and even a swampland for you to explore in your boat.

Hop in a boat to easily reach these new locations and look for rare loot. When you see the storm on the horizon, you can use the boat for a quick escape too.

You're not, however, confined to the water.

Boats in Fortnite can also be used on land, but be prepared to damage your boat to achieve this feat. It will also move very slowly, because, you know, it's a boat on land.

Still, if you really want to cause some slow chaos on the battlefield, then bringing a boat on land is the way to go.

I lost my driving license doing something like this...

Boats are also a great way to take out your enemies in Fortnite.

Each boat is equipped with a missile launcher, which you can destroy your opponents. Find a safe spot away from the coastline and wait for other players to arrive, so you can pick them off one by one.

You could also engage in some ocean warfare and attack another player who was lucky enough to find a boat.

Finally, your squadmates can join you in the boat too. This means you can sail around the island and find enemy squads to destroy.

Fortnite Boat locations

Boats in Fortnite spawn throughout the map along bodies of water, and though it's not certain whether they always spawn in every match, here is a map of possible locations we've found so far - more than enough to complete the New World challenge.

While this isn't an exhaustive list, here are some possible Fortnite boat locations:

Fortnite boat locations

More specifically, you can find boats at...

You can find two boats tied up at Dirty Docks.

There is one boat on the beach opposite the island directly north of Pleasant Park.

One boat can be found on the beach in Craggy Cliffs.

If you follow the coastline from Craggy Cliffs to Steam Stacks, you'll across a small pier and a boat.

Another boat can be found by the lakeside just north of Misty Meadows.

A boat can be found near the wooden cabin by the lake to the east of Misty Meadows.

There is a boat hidden between two rocks to the east of Lazy Lake.

You can find a boat by the bridge north of Weeping Woods.

There is one boat attached to the pier on the island in the middle of the map.

There is also a boat attached to a small pier north of the island in the middle of the map.

One boat can be found at the small lake, called Lake Canoe, north of Retail Row.

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