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European Home beta invites "shortly"

Assuming you're an active PSN user.

Sony has announced that European gamers who have been "most active" will be invited to join the PlayStation Home beta shortly.

Yesterday the platform holder announced that US gamers could signal their desire to get involved by downloading a free PlayStation Home theme from the Store, which would act as their beta sign-up.

It then added: "In Europe, SCEE is also beginning their expanded closed beta, directly targeting consumers who have been most active on PlayStation Network and PlayStation Store. SCEE will be in email contact with their PSN audience very shortly."

PlayStation Home is Sony's upcoming free online world in which players can socialise with friends, launch multiplayer games and build virtual homesteads customised with Trophy displays and other personal touches.

There will also be communal areas to take part in parlour games and attend presentations. And wear "lifestyle" T-shirts.

We got a chance to check out the Home beta extensively last month and found ourselves rather liking it, despite some players' concerns about repeated delays to the service, which was originally announced at the Game Developers Conference at the start of 2007.