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Elden Ring Radagon of the Golden Order tips and strategy

How to defeat the Elden Throne main story boss.

Radagon of the Golden Order is the penultimate main boss fight of Elden Ring.

You'll need to have made it right through Leyndell, Ash Capital, and beaten Hoarah Loux to come face to face with Radagon of the Golden Order.

Radagon of the Golden Order is one of the tougher bosses in the game, but since spirit ash summons are available in this boss fight, we'd definitely recommend putting them to good use.

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How to prepare for Radagon of the Golden Order

Firstly, you'll want to make sure you've got some sort of protection against Holy damage. While the majority of Radagon of the Golden Order's attacks are physical, they do have a few Holy-based attacks in their back pocket, so it pays to be protected against those.

If you're good at getting the parry time down of boss attacks, you'll definitely want to take in a shield for this fight, because there's plenty of opportunities to parry Radagon.

Radagon has a lot of health, simply put. If you're going with a melee build for this fight, which we'd recommend, you're going to want to take in a strong two-handed weapon with you.

There's been a lot of debate online as to whether Radagon is actually weak to Bleed-based damage, but the general consensus (and everything we've experienced) seems to indicate that the boss isn't weak to Bleed attacks.

Radagon of the Golden Order tips: How to beat Radagon of the Golden Order

Radagon has a big hammer, and he loves smacking you about with it. The boss will usually begin the fight by charging towards you, waiting until the last second to swing a huge hammer hit at you.

The trick with this, as with many of Radagon's attacks, is to try and dodge at the last possible second, and not get baited into dodging when the boss immediately begins gearing up for an attack.

As the fight goes on, Radagon of the Golden Order will chain together more attacks with this aforementioned one.

All of them will usually involve big hammer swings, and while you can definitely parry these attacks if you're a dab hand at getting the timing right, the easier option is to dodge roll to the side of any attacks and smack Radagon with a hit or two as quickly as possible.

Another common attack sees the boss rise up into the air with a spear made out of Holy material, before lobbing it right at you.

The important thing here is to dodge roll out of the way while the boss' hand is coming forward, not as the spear leaves the hand of Radagon, or else you'll get caught in the blast.

Radagon also has some massive area-based attacks he can pull out. If Radagon's foot lights up, he's about to bring it down, causing an area-of-effect attack with Holy damage to rush out nearby him.

You'll want to dodge right as the foot hits the floor, because there's a split second delay between that and the area attack shooting out, which can easily catch you if you dodged too early.

Additionally, if Radagon rises into the air with his hammer glowing, be prepared to dodge. The boss is about to hit the ground with the hammer three times, each causing a huge area attack that reaches further with every successive hit.

Dodge right as the hammer hits the ground, but don't get baited into dodging too early with the final strike, because there's a slight pause as Radagon prepares to hit the ground with the hammer.

Finally, Radagon has a massive stun-lock attack that he can hit you with. If the hammer burns bright with Holy damage and the boss advances towards you slowly, get ready to dodge sideways, as he's about to hit you with a huge grab attack.

If you don't dodge this, you'll get hit twice by Radagon's hammer with no way to evade it, and this can kill even the hardiest of Tarnished.

Radagon of the Golden Order reward

Surprise: there isn't a reward with Radagon! That's because this fight is far from over, and although Radagon is down for the count, you're about to be put straight into a fight with the Elden Beast itself.

The fight against the Elden Beast is the final one of Elden Ring, so it makes sense that FromSoftware would pull out some trickery by making you fight two bosses in a row.

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