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Elden Ring Elden Beast tips and strategy

How to defeat the Elden Throne main story boss.

Elden Beast is the final boss fight of Elden Ring.

Coming straight after Radagon of the Golden Order, Elden Ring saved its biggest boss for last, rolling out the Elden Beast to face off against players at the conclusion of the game's story.

The fight against the Elden Beast is one tough battle of attrition, but since spirit ash summons are available in this boss fight, we'd definitely recommend putting them to good use.

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How to prepare for Elden Beast

Preparing for the Elden Beast changes depending on what build you're using. If you're using a Sorcery build, you'll want to use homing spells, and powerful ones at that.

Alternatively, you'll need a powerful weapon you can wield with two hands for the fight against the Elden Beast. However, it's important to make sure neither the spells or weapons you're using deal Holy damage, because the Elden Beast is resistant to that element.

Elden Beast tips: How to beat Elden Beast

Phew, where to start. The Elden Beast is one hell of a tough boss fight, for the simple fact that it has a boatload of health, and hits like a tank. Beginning with the sword, the boss can use it in sweeping attacks of two, potentially followed by a third stabbing attack.

These attacks are fairly easy to dodge roll through if you time the roll to begin just as the sword is coming down towards you, and make sure not to get caught under the body of the boss when the downward stab attack is initiated.

The blade can also be powered up with Holy damage, as the Elden Beast sends forth four or five waves of light from its sword at you.

These can be pretty hard to dodge, and you'll going to want to time your dodge roll so that you're dodging at the last possible moment before the Holy barrage hits you.

When the boss rises up into the air and flies above you, disable your target lock on the Elden Beast, and look to the ground. A ring will form around you, and several waves will start pulsating in on you.

You need to time your jumps so that you're safely carried over the rings of Holy, and the less health the Elden Beast has, the more rings you're going to need to jump over in order to safely make it out of the circle alive.

The Elden Beast can fire off a barrage of Holy particles from its body, which will shoot high up into the air and home in towards you. Your goal here is to sprint around the boss in a circular motion, so you avoid all the projectiles.

There's a lot of them to avoid, however, so you'll want to leave sprinting until the last moment so as to maximize your stamina reserves.

The boss actually has another projectile attack, but this one is far harder to deal with. This time, slower moving stars will come towards you, but there'll be a lot more of them.

Some tactics actually recommend sprinting away from the stars, and then dodge rolling back through them, and this is a tactic that can work, provided you've got a lot of stamina to work with.

Finally, the boss will imbue its non-sword hand with Holy, bringing it forth to grab you.

You'll want to dodge roll sideways out of this attack at the last possible moment, because this is one that can potentially spell disaster if you're at half health or less.

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Elden Beast reward

When the Elden Beast has finally been slain, it's time to end Elden Ring in a climactic fashion.

We won't spoil the ending(s) here, but you will gain 375,000 Runes, and the Remembrance of the Elden Beast item, which you can use at the Roundtable Hold for a new weapon/ability whenever you please.

Congratulations, you've finished Elden Ring! FromSoftware's latest game is both challenging and vast, and wrapping the entire thing up by defeating one of the tougher FromSoft foes in recent memory is no small feat.

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