Fortnite secret Battle Star locations from Season X loading screens explained

How to find bonus Battle Stars from loading screens in Fortnite Season X.

Secret Battle Stars are bonus collectables to find as part of the Season X Battle Pass.

Found within Loading Screens unlocked from time-limited Challenges, these all kind .

As well as this, if you find 90 Fortbytes, you'll unlock the bonus Utopia skin, Singularity.

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Fortnite secret Battle Stars and loading screens in Season X explained

Each week in Fortnite, a new Loading Screen can be unlocked by completing certain challenges. If you view these loading screens closely, it actually hints at the location of a secret Battle Star or Banner location on the map.

Secret Battle Stars and Loading Screens work a little differently in Fortnite Season X. Instead of being tied to completing all Challenges in a specific week, they now appear as part of time-limited Challenges - making them easier to unlock and locate.

Finding additional Battle Stars in the game will then give you an additional Tier towards your Season Battle Pass progress. You can also pick up new Banners, which will give you new customisation options.

Unlike previous seasons, it doesn't appear you need to have unlocked that specific loading screen before it will appear on the map. Nor does it appear that a end-of-season bonus skin will unlock for finding them all.

Seasons 4 to 9 had these skins, named The Visitor, The Enforcer, AIM, The Prisoner and Ruin and Singularity respectively.

As always, you have until the end of the Season to unlock the various Utopia loading screens and skin, otherwise it'll be gone forever. Good luck!

Fortnite secret Battle Star locations map

Regardless of the order you'll collect Loading Screens, the order of the Season X Loading Screens and their subsequent Battle Star locations will be the same.

Fortnite secret Battle Star locations map

If you want more detail, then jump to the relevant Fortnite secret Battle Star location:

Remember, if you have more than one unlocked, you are welcome to collect them in any order you like.

Fortnite secret Battle Star loading screen location 1

Secret loading screen week 1 (thanks ItzBullzye on reddit):

Secret Loading Screen Week 1

This is at the umbrella-shaped hole in the north half of the map, just south of The Block.


Head west from there and find the patch in the dirt to find the Battle Star location.


Fortnite secret Battle Star loading screen location 2

Secret loading screen week 2 (via itsZBG on reddit:

Secret Loading Screen Week 2

This secret Battle Star location is at the fork and knife in the lower half of the map, between Salty Springs and Fatal Fields.


When you get there, the dirt patch in-between the two holes will present you with the secret Battle Star.


Fortnite secret Battle Star loading screen location 3

This secret Battle Star location is at the Sofdeez ice cream shop, which is just beneath Paradise Palms, on the road left of the winding race track.


Approach the shop and get inside.


You'll find the Battle Star behind the counter, beside the drain and drinks fridge.


That's all the secret Battle Star locations available so far - expect more to roll out each coming week as Challenges do!

Fortnite Season 10 is here! These feature new Fortnite Challenges, including Lost Spray Can locations, Fortnite Graffiti billboards, Gas Station locations and Fountain, Junkyard and a Vending Machine. There are also new Prestige Challenges, including visiting graffiti covered billboards and containers with painted window locations. As well as the above, it's worth reading where secret Battle Star locations are found and the latest Fortnite patch notes.

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