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Stray trophy guide, from how earn every achievement and hidden trophy to the Platinum trophy explained

Would a trophy impress a cat?

Stray has a total of 25 trophies on PlayStation 4 and 5, which includes both hidden and not.

It’s important to note that the PC version of Stray only has 24 trophies, because you’ll be unable to earn the platinum trophy on this platform.

Below we’ve listed all of the trophies, including how to earn the hidden trophies and how long it may take you to unlock the Platinum trophy for Stray.

If you’re still deciding whether to play Stray, we recommend visiting Eurogamer’s Stray review and, if you’d like to know how long the game is, our Stray length guide.

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Stray trophy and achievement list

On PlayStation 4 and 5, Stray, aside from hidden trophies, has 14 trophies to unlock. If you’re playing on PC, then this will be 13 trophies as this platform does not have a Platinum trophy.

These trophies can be earned by completing little side activities in the game, fully embodying the nature of a cat or achieving special feats, such as completing Stray in a specific time limit.

Below you can find every non-secret trophy for Stray:

Trophy How to unlock itGrade
All DoneUnlock all trophies.Platinum
A Little ChattyMeow 100 times.Silver
Cat-a-PultJump 500 times.Silver
Productive DaySleep for more than one hour.Silver
Boom Chat KalakaDunk the basketball.Bronze
No More LivesDie 9 times.Bronze
I am SpeedComplete the game in less than 2 hours.Gold
MeowlodyBring all the music sheets to Morusque.Silver
Curiosity Killed the CatWear the paper bag.Bronze
Cat-a-stropheTry to play mahjong with the robots.Bronze
Cat's best friendNuzzle up against 5 robots.Silver
Télé á chatBrowse through all of the TV channels.Bronze
Badges Collect all badges. Gold.
TerritoryScratch in every chapter.Silver

Stray hidden trophy and achievement list

There are 11 hidden trophies, or achievements if you’re on PC, to earn in Stray.

Thankfully, you’ll earn the majority of these trophies naturally as you progress on your cat adventure. There are a few, however, which require you to complete either a certain task or special feat to earn.

Here’s every hidden trophy for Stray:

TrophyHow to unlock itGrade
Can't Cat-ch MeComplete the first Zurk pursuit without being caught.Gold
SneakittyGo through Midtown without being detected by the Sentinels.Silver
ScratchScratch the vinyl in the club.Bronze
PacifistComplete the Sewers without killing any Zurks.Gold
Missed JumpFall inside the city.Bronze
Not AloneMeet B-12.Silver
Cat Got Your TongueHave B-12 translate a robot.Bronze
CatwalkReach Midtown.Gold
Al-Cat-RazGo to jail.Silver
Eye OpenerComplete the game and open the city.Gold
I Remember! Gather all B-12 memories.Gold

Collectibles are hidden throughout Stray, such as B-12's memories and the badges. You can also use your cat powers to find music sheets, enegry drinks and the plant locations. Don't forget about the Stray trophies either, but, if the game is for you, make sure you know Stray's length.

How easy is it to obtain the Platinum trophy in Stray?

When it comes to earning the Platinum trophy for Stray you first have to remember that it’s only available on the PlayStation 4 and 5 versions of the game. If you’re playing on PC, then you won’t be able to earn it.

With this in mind, we estimate it will take you roughly seven to 11 hours to collect all of Stray’s trophies, due to one trophy taking a full hour to earn.

You may discover, however, that it will take longer than our estimate to earn the Platinum Stray trophy. This could be because you’re having trouble finding one of B-12 memories or, more likely, you’re stuck on the ‘I am Speed’ trophy, which tasks you with completing the game in two hours.

The ‘I am Speed’ trophy is by far one of the hardest trophies to earn in Stray, because it challenges not just your cat mastery but your memory. You’ll need to remember exactly where to go, what items to find and who to talk to at all times, while also ideally avoiding death at all times.

We highly recommend taking notes in preparation for completing this trophy, because, this way, you’ll be able to easily complete a number of the challenges, especially the ones which involve finding items. This means you’ll have more time for completing the action or stealth sequences in the game.

Good luck earning the Platinum trophy in Stray!

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