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Stray music sheet locations

The sound of robot music.

Knowing the music sheet locations will help you complete one of the few side quests in Stray.

All of the music sheets in Stray can be found within The Slums, as does the robot who needs them - Morusque.

Finding all of the music sheets for Morusque will earn you a small reward and unlock one of the Stray trophies.

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Music sheet locations in Stray

There are eight music sheets in total hidden across The Slums of Stray.

Finding all of these music sheets and giving them to Morusque - the robot with a guitar down one of the alleyways near the Guardian - will earn you a small reward and unlock one of the Stray trophies.

Below you’ll find all of the music sheet locations, so you gather them all up for Morusque:

Music Sheet 1 location

The first music sheet is hidden within Momo’s flat; to find it you need to enter the room located down the small corridor by slipping through the bars in the door.

Once you’re inside this room, climb the nearby boxes to grab the music sheet from the shelf.

Music Sheet 2 location

Finding the second music sheet involves a good amount of climbing, so, using The Guardian as a starting point, you’ll want to head down the stairs and jump atop the pile of buckets next to the vending machine outside the bar.

From here, you’ll be able to climb onto the roof of the bar and, once there, use the air vents to reach the higher portion of the roof.

After doing so, you’ll need to climb atop the roof directly in front of you.

Now turn to your right and jump across to the pipe.

Next, jump onto the balcony and then the table where you’ll find the music sheet.

We recommend grabbing the sixth music sheet while you’re here as it’s close by.

Music Sheet 3 location

The third music sheet can be found in Elliot’s house - simply scratch on the door to gain entrance and you’ll find the music sheet stuck to the portrait directly opposite the doorway.

Collectibles are hidden throughout Stray, such as B-12's memories and the badges. You can also use your cat powers to find music sheets, enegry drinks and the plant locations. Don't forget about the Stray trophies either, but, if the game is for you, make sure you know Stray's length.

Music Sheet 4 location

For this music sheet, you’ll first need to find one energy drink. After doing so, head to the marketplace - located to the right of The Guardian - and purchase the music sheet for one energy drink.

Music Sheet 5 location

This music sheet sits atop the table for the middle booth on the upper floor of the bar.

Music Sheet 6 location

For the sixth music sheet, you need to visit the flat where you find Clementine’s Notebook.

To reach this flat, follow the same steps you took to obtain the second music sheet, but, once you’re on the pipe, head through the open window instead.

Now you’re in the flat, head through the broken door into the back room where you’ll find the music sheet sitting on a bookshelf at the right-hand end of the bed.

Music Sheet 7 location

This music sheet is sitting on the piano where you find Doc’s notebook.

If you’re having trouble finding this flat, head to The Guardian before going down the stairs directly in front of them. There, at the side of the building opposite the bar, you’ll find a crate which, when climbed upon, will allow you to scale this structure.

Once you’re atop the building, jump up the next two roof sections - going past the table and chairs.

From this point, you’ll be able to see the blue Outsiders sign sitting in front of a flat - this is where you need to go and it’s easily reached by traversing the roofs.

You need to visit the flat in the distance.

Music Sheet 8 location

The eighth and final music sheet is locked away in a safe, which can be found down a small alleyway to the right of Morusque.

To unlock the safe, you’ll need the code hidden behind the picture below in the bar - just ultise your claws! Scroll past this picture, however, if you’d like to know what the code is without having to cause some cat vandalism.

Knock down this picture to find the code.

The code is 1283.

Once you’ve found a music sheet, you can take it to Morusque and listen to the robot play the song you’ve just found. He’ll even give you a small badge, after you’ve given him all eight music sheets.

After completing this side quest, it’s a good idea to gather all of The Slums memories.

Good luck hunting down music in Stray!

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