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Stray energy drink locations and where to find all the vending machines

How to gather the robot’s currency in The Slums.

Finding the energy drink locations will allow you to purchase items in The Slums of Stray.

Purchasing these items will, in turn, help you complete two of Stray’s sidequests - restoring B-12's memories and finding the music sheets for Morusque. By finishing both of these quests, you’ll unlock two of the Stray trophies.

Below you’ll find the vending machine locations, which is what the energy drinks are hidden within, in Stray.

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Energy drink locations in Stray

There are four energy drinks to find in The Slums of Stray and each one is collected by interacting with the vending machines hidden within the maze of alleyways.

The first vending machine, and therefore energy drink, can be found opposite Morusque - the robot looking for music sheets - which is reached by taking the left-hand path near The Guardian.

To find the second vending machine and energy drink, we recommend heading to the top of the alleyway you entered The Slums by. Looking left from this spot, you’ll see a crate and, by jumping atop it, you’ll be able to reach a balcony where the vending machine stands.

The vending machine for the third energy drink can be found by going down the alleyway you entered The Slums by and taking the first alleyway you find on the right-hand side. Usefully, it’s located next to one of the memories for The Slums.

Finally, the vending machine for the fourth energy drink can be found on a roof in the southern part of The Slums.

There are multiple ways to reach this vending machine, with one starting by climbing the house directly opposite the bar using a nearby crate.

Once you’ve scaled the building by jumping from one air vent to another, you’ll be able to use the vending machine in the distance.

Now all you have to do is run across the roofs until you reach the vending machine.

Collectibles are hidden throughout Stray, such as B-12's memories and the badges. You can also use your cat powers to find music sheets, enegry drinks and the plant locations. Don't forget about the Stray trophies either, but, if the game is for you, make sure you know Stray's length.

What are energy drinks used for in Stray?

Energy drinks are the local currency of Stray’s city and you can use them to purchase two of the items from the marketplace of The Slums.

You’ll need one energy drink to purchase the music sheet 4 for Moruseque.

The painting for restoring one of B-12's memories will cost three energy drinks.

This means, to complete all of the side quests in Stray, you’ll need to find all of the energy drinks within The Slums and, by finishing these quests, you’ll earn two of the Stray trophies.

Remember to spend your energy drinks before you leave The Slums, because you can’t use them anywhere else nor can the cat drink them, which is probably a good thing.

Have fun playing Stray and check out our guide on the memories locations or music sheet locations!

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