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Stray modder taking commissions to let you play as your own cat

Create your pick of the litter.

A Nexus Mods user is helping players add their purrfect protagonist to Stray on PC.

Modder NorskPL is taking commissions for Stray on a name-your-own-price basis, dependent on complexity.

Already, it seems people have been calling upon NorskPL's services, as their most recent uploads include many requested cat customeowsations.

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For people that do want to change the default cat and aren't modders, most are having to rely on finding mods which look similar to their cat, but may not be 100 percent cat-ccurate. It's lovely to see modders helping others get their pets into the game, as some players have voiced disappointment at not being able to change the look of playable tabby, as purrty as they are.

Before launch, Annapurna Interactive confirmed there would be no official customisation options, as Stray tells the "adventure of this particular cat". This also presumably rules out the pawsibility of customisation DLC in the future.

If you're looking for or a way to recreate your fur-end in Stray, why not check out our round-up of Stray mods from yesterday? I'm pawsitive you'll find a mod for the cat of your dream(ie)s.

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