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Stray fan mod stars dog, for when you feline a change

Garfield and CJ among custom options for your purrfect protagonist.

Stray has been out for almost a week, and inevitably the internet is modding the game's playable cat-racter. Here's some PC mods we've spotted that will give you paws for thought.

If you're a dog person, you can play as a cute French bulldog puppy thanks to modder crubino. The Happy Puppy mod even changes most of the meows into woofs, and crubino hopes to add more to it, including customisation of the puppy's fur. As a cat person, I think that's barking mad...

Modder hibrietas provides a modern staple for mods, the Jason mod. Taken from the infamous mall scene in Heavy Rain, meowing is replaced with "a pleading call to find your lost son, you terrible father".

Watch the Jason mod in action.

Pounce even further into the fur-real by playing as CJ the cat. You know, from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas? Yes, that's right. Courtesy of Sirgalahad172, you can contort CJ's body into a four-legged feline and play the entire game as Cat Johnson.

CJ the cat out in the wild.
CJ the cat out in the wild.

Even worse, the cats in the beginning of the game use the same model, but not textures, as the player's, meaning you can get some horrific glimpses of CJ frolicking around with his cat-coloured brethren. Cat Johnson still meows, at least.

Sirgalahad172 has some more wholesome offerings if you need to cleanse your eyes after that. Outfit your kitty with some stylish glasses, a newsboy cap or an eyepatch.

crubino also makes up for their crimes against cat-kind with a Garfield mod, letting you roam around as the lazy, chonky boy. Presumably he's on a quest to find the best lasagna the post-human world has to offer.

Garfield mod for stray.
Garfield with his signature frown rendered in Unreal Engine 4.

If you want to keep it simple, there are plenty of modders who have recreated their own cats and shared them for others to enjoy. Tuxedo Cat, based on whenbearsreign's Luna, is particularly adorable. Or, do away with fur completely and play as a wrinkly Sphynx cat instead.

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