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All Stray badge locations

In my experience, cats are rarely impressed by badges.

Badges are one of the collectibles you can find in Stray, though, unlike B-12’s memories, they are purely cosmetic.

Each badge is earned by either completing a side quest, uncovering a secret while exploring or reaching a specific point in Stray’s storyline.

Collecting all the badges will unlock one of the Stray trophies, so it’s a good idea to know all of the badge locations.

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Badges in Stray explained

There are six badges in total to find in Stray:

Each badge will also become pinned to the backpack your cat wears and, once earned, will appear no matter which chapter you decide to play as long as it a backpack-wearing-cat. Where the badge is placed, however, is fixed, so you can’t customise the badge yourself.

Here you can see the cat with all the badges.

The badges are unlocked by either reaching a certain point in Stray’s storyline, completing a side quest or conducting some clever exploration around Walled City 99.

Below you’ll find all of the badge locations in Stray to help you collect them all.

Cat Badge location in Stray

The Cat Badge can be found in the second shop you walk past - the one where the robot is arguing, but being ignored by the owner - in Stray’s Midtown chapter.

To find the badge, you need to enter the shop by jumping on the counter and then down the other.

The badge is locked away in a safe in at the top of the shelves at the back of the shop, while the code required for opening it can be found by translating the poster opposite the shelves. Unlike past codes you’ve found, this is actually a sneaky puzzle, so, if you want to know the solution, scroll past the picture below.

Use this poster to figure out the code for the safe.

The code is 8542.

With that the Cat Badge is now yours!

Music Badge location in Stray

To earn the Music Badge in Stray, you need to give Morusque all of the music sheets hidden about The Slums.

Once you’ve given this robot all eight music sheets, he’ll reward you with the Music Badge.

If you’re having trouble with this side quest, then check out our music sheet location guide.

Neco Badge location in Stray

The Neco Badge is located within the factory segment of Stray’s Midtown factory. This means that you only have a small window in which to collect this badge, so make sure to take the time to collect it.

Your journey for this badge will begin when you come across a robot hunting for their lost keys - this occurs shortly after you evade two Sentinels and slip through a door.

The keys are hidden within the section of the factory where you have to use the cages of rubbish to avoid the Sentinels.

After avoiding the first two Sentinels in this manner, you’ll have to use a series of barrels to avoid the toxic water. On the first barrel, rather than jumping to the one leading to the doorway, jump to the on your right-hand side.

This will allow you to reach two other barrels and the pile of rubbish where the keys are hidden.

Keys in paw, you now need to continue jumping across the barrels until you reach the other side of the toxic waste. Now, instead of continuing forward, you need to turn left and pull the nearby lever to open the door.

Go to the left here to find the lever to open the door.

This will allow you to backtrack through the factory and give the robot their missing keys, then, in return, you’ll receive the Neco Badge.

Outsider Badge location in Stray

You’ll automatically receive the Outsider badge from Seamus at the start of the Dead End - Stray’s seventh chapter.

Plant Badge location in Stray

The Plant Badge of Stray is earned by finding the red plant, yellow plant and purple plant in Antvillage.

Once you’ve found all three plants, head up to the last habitable level of Antvillage to find Malo and, in exchange for the samples, they’ll give you the Plant Badge.

If you’re having trouble finding the plants, visit our red plant, yellow plant and purple plant location page.

Collectibles are hidden throughout Stray, such as B-12's memories and the badges. You can also use your cat powers to find music sheets, enegry drinks and the plant locations. Don't forget about the Stray trophies either, but, if the game is for you, make sure you know Stray's length.

Police Badge location in Stray

The Police Badge is hidden in Midtown - Stray’s tenth chapter - and, to find it, you need to visit the alleyway on the right-hand side of the clothes shop.

Visit this alleyway.

Once there, you need to jump atop the small storing unit on the right-hand side of the alley.

Next, jump up to the air vent on the wall to your right and, from atop this, onto the air vent to your left.

Now you need to jump to the roof on your left and then, by running along it, jump to the furthest roof in this section of the alleyway.

After doing this, jump onto the windowsill at the end of this roof from which you can reach the nearby air vent.

Standing on this air vent will allow you to reach the one above you and then you need to head right - going from air vent to air vent.

These air vents will lead you to a small roof which has a barred window sitting above it. Thankfully these bars are not too big for a cat and you’ll be able to jump through the window.

You’ll find yourself in a cell where a dead robot lies on the floor - interacting with this robot will grant you the police badge.

Good luck collecting all of the badges in Stray!

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