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Stray gets adorable fan-made Game Boy demake animation

Meowsic to my ears.

Indie hit Stray has been given a Game Boy-inspired makeover by some retro-loving animators.

Youtube channel 64 Bits has released a demake video showing what Stray would look like if it had been released on a Game Boy. This includes textures and sounds, and to be honest, it looks great!

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The video itself offers a 'highlight reel' of Stray's opening chapters. It shows the titular stray cat's sudden separation from their clowder, and their descent into the chasm leading to an unpopulated underground city.

It then sees the cat fleeing from Stray's mutant bacteria known as Zurks, before finally meeting the drone B-12 and obtaining the backpack. The animation finishes when the cat and B-12 find the robots that have created their own society among the ruins of the city.

You can see this purr-fect animation for yourself below.

I am a smitten kitten.

This is not the only demake video to come from 64 Bits. Their previous works has also included a SNES version of Elden Ring.

As for Stray itself, Eurogamer gave it a Recommended badge on its release, with Lottie praising the "fantastic cat exploration" it offered.

"Stray creates a journey filled with such a sense of exploration, on top of the chance to indulge in as much cat-truction as you like. While doing so, though, it also crafts a touching story about the human desires of those who, at a glance, lack humanity - be it to reunite with a loved one, protect a community or reach the outside world.

"The result is a wonderful mix: a game about the longing for freedom, clever climbing mechanics, and every cat's eternal desire to knock items off shelves."

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