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What if Elden Ring was a SNES game?

Malenia never looked so adorable.

Elden Ring has already inspired countless mods and fan videos, including a playable demake on a Game Boy.

Now, Youtube channel 64 Bits has released a demake video of what Elden Ring would look like on a SNES. Spoiler: it looks fantastic.

Of course, it takes a top-down viewpoint akin to classic RPGs (the video notes Secret of Mana, Terranigma, and Final Fantasy 6 as inspiration), with a cute little Tarnished defeating various iconic bosses with melee weapons and magic.

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For the world map, though, the video shows off some nostalgic Mode 7 3D graphic effects before transporting down into specific areas and dungeons.

The video is notable too for all its references. There are all the bosses you love to hate: from Radahn and Malenia, to Godrick and Astel with infuriating grab attack. There are cute versions of Radahn's armour and the Prisoner mask. There's Miriel the turtle pope, complete with "praise the dog" reference. Even Ranni makes an appearance at the end.

It's faithful to both the SNES era and FromSoftware's epic, it has stunning pixel interpretations of the characters, and most of all looks like it would be genuinely playable.

I wish this was real.

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