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Elden Ring playable Game Boy demake now live

The Lands Shrunken.

A couple of months back, reddit user Shin was beavering away at an Elden Ring Game Boy remake.

And now it's out! Available to play on, the game offers a miniature green-tinged version of the Lands Between - or at least, the Precipice of Anticipation, Northern Limgrave, and Stormveil Castle - presented in a Zelda-inspired top-down fashion.

The game runs in-browser, but Shin recommends using real Game Boy hardware or an Analogue Pocket for saving, better colours, and higher accuracy.

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It begins at the start of the game with a battle against the Grafted Scion and soon follows the basic template of the story. You'll find the Tree Sentinel to the north, Sellen's cavern to the east, and Stormveil castle in the north.

And if you thought the original game was difficult, then this will surely test you. There may only be two buttons for sword swinging and rolling, but enemies still pack a punch.

More may be added to the game, but don't hold your breath.

"I need to find an actual job instead of working on this game," says Shin on the game page. "I would like to expand the game in the future, but no promises."

You can play or download the game for free on

If you're still struggling with the main game, check out our Elden Ring boss guide.

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