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Make Stray multiplayer with this PC mod

Prepare for trouble! And make it double! Meows! That's right!

Thanks to the recent release of Stray, the internet is in no shortage of cat content. If this isn't enough for you though (and let's be frank, we could all do with more cats at all times), then you're in luck.

Modder KangieDanie has uploaded a splitscreen multipawer - sorry, multiplayer - mod for PC that lets you play through the campaign in local co-op.

KangieDanie notes that the mod is in very early development so if you decide to give it a try, you're inevitably going to run into some bugs.

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Adding another player is as simple as pressing F9, but currently there isn't a method mentioned to remove players. KangieDanie also isn't sure of the limit of how many players can join, or how the game will handle more than two cats.

Other known bugs include visual glitches, players getting stuck in level transitions, and the heads-up display only being visible to player one. Issues relating to controllers not being detected in-game are currently being investigated by KangieDanie.

User JADabandon asked KangieDanie whether online play was in the scope of this mod, and they responded by confirming that their mod will only focus on getting local co-op to work. However, they do state that they know someone who is working on online co-op.

You can watch a brief video of the mod in action with two players below - and if you're not a modder yourself, someone is already taking commissions to create your pet in-game for you.

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