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Stray red plant, yellow plant and purple plant locations explained

Green paw.

Finding the red plant, yellow plant and purple plant locations will allow you to complete one of the few side quests in Stray.

During your exploration of Antvillage in Stray, you’ll meet a robot called Malo. They will ask you to find the three coloured plants and bring them a sample of each before you leave Antvillage.

Below you’ll find the red plant, yellow plant and purple plant locations in Stray.

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Purple plant location in Stray

To find the purple plant in Stray, you need to walk along the branch which sits between the Antvillage memory and the two robots sitting on a bunk bed.

Make sure you walk to the end of the branch to collect the purple plant.

Collectibles are hidden throughout Stray, such as B-12's memories and the badges. You can also use your cat powers to find music sheets, enegry drinks and the plant locations. Don't forget about the Stray trophies either, but, if the game is for you, make sure you know Stray's length.

Red plant location in Stray

To find the red plant in Stray, you need to visit the robots playing mahjong and, on the other side of their table, you’ll find a bucket-zipline that will take you to the base of Antvillage.

Here you’ll be able to use a pipe and series of barrels to reach a small island containing the red plant, along with two robots.

All you need to do is interact with the red plant to collect a sample.

Yellow Plant location in Stray

To find the yellow plant in Stray you need to visit the bar near the top of Antvillage and, once there, head to the furthest end of the walkway - going past the bar itself. Here you’ll find a small pile you can walk along and, at its end, you’ll find the yellow plant.

With all three plants collected, you can now return to Malo and receive the Plant Badge.

If you’d like to complete your badge collection, visit our Stray badges page.

Good luck exploring Antvillage!

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