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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor looks set to launch by March

EA teases "major IP" launch not so far, far away.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor looks set to launch by the end of March 2023 - even though publisher EA is yet to make it official.

Speaking to investors in a financial briefing last night, EA said it had a "major IP" due to arrive before 31st March next year - but that it was holding off on its big reveal until nearer the time.

The sequel to 2019's popular Jedi: Fallen Order is really the only thing on EA's slate this "major IP" without a release date could be. We already know the launch dates of EA's upcoming Need for Speed return, its Dead Space remake and its collaboration with Koei Tecmo on Wild Hearts.

EA's official Star Wars: Jedi Survivor reveal teaser.

Officially, Jedi: Survivor holds a "2023" placeholder date. Unofficially, a recent PlayStation database leak and other insider reports have pointed to a March launch for the game.

"The nature of marketing in our industry has meaningfully changed in the past five or six years," EA boss Andrew Wilson said, explaining why EA wasn't announcing the date or identity of its spring "major IP" release just yet.

"You might remember that when we launched Apex Legends, we didn't tell anybody about it until about 48 hours before the community got to play it.

And yes, fair enough, Apex Legends is doing pretty well for itself.

While you wait, Fortnite just re-added lightsabers in its combat - alongside the arrival of Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa and Han Solo.

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