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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet players are skipping their first day of school

The world is your Cloyster.

In a scheme that can only be matched by Team Star in its levels of nefariousness, players have found an exploit in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet that lets you skip the game's first quest.

The intended sequence of the game would see you play through The First Day of School quest, which would then unlock all the other storylines in the game.

However, players have found a way to skip the latter section of the quest, allowing you to cut out the tedium of meeting your new classmates and teachers and get straight into exploring the open-world of Paldea.

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First seen on Reddit (posted by user GalaxyHunter17), pulling off the glitch requires you to get your Starter Pokémon and progress up until you reach Los Platos. From there, instead of heading up through the gates to Mesagoza, go southwest. The aim is to hug the cliff face and make your way towards South Area 4. Target a Pokémon within the area and start a battle, which will teleport you into Area 4. Congratulations, you've just bunked off your first day of school!

From here, no area within the game is locked so you're free to explore anywhere. However, GalaxyHunter17 stated that certain storylines in the game, namely Victory Road and Starfall Street, will remain locked until you attend school. Considering you also won't formally meet Arven, the Path of Legends storyline is likely to be unavailable too.

You'd also miss out on attending classes and befriending teachers, which isn't necessary to complete for progression, but can net you some useful rewards.

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