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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Pokémon Go Regidrago counters, weaknesses and moveset

How to defeat the dragon-type Regi from Gen 8.

Regidrago is both a Gen 8 Pokémon and a member of the legendary Regi family who debuted in Pokémon Go during March 2023.

While Regidrago first appeared in Elite Raids, it has now made the leap to regular Raids in Pokémon Go. If you missed it the first time around, now is the perfect time to add it to your Pokédex!

To help you in this quest, we’ve outlined Regidrago’s counters and weaknesses in Pokémon Go below, along with the best moveset for Regidrago.

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Regidrago counters and weaknesses in Pokémon Go

Below you’ll find Regidrago’s counters and weaknesses, which will help you defeat it in Pokémon Go:

  • Regidrago type – Dragon
  • Regidrago is weak against – Dragon, Fairy and Ice
  • Regidrago is resistant to – Electric, Fire, Grass and Water
  • Regidrago mega countersMega Gardevoir is best, followed by the Dragon-types Mega Salamence, Mega Latias, Mega Latios and Mega Sceptile – though you will be as weak to it as it is to you. Mega Glalie is your best Ice-type option.
  • Regidrago counters – Dragon is the way to go here: Rayquaza with Breaking Swipe is your strongest option, followed by Zekrom, Garchomp and Haxorus. If you have a Kyurem with Glaciate, that’s a great move to bring along. Failing that, an army of Dragonite is the way to go.
  • Other Regidrago notes – Normally, we’d recommend avoiding Dragon-types in Raids against other Dragons, due to the weakness Dragons have to other Dragons, but Regidrago’s defense is low enough that this is the quickest way to win. If you’re hurting for Dragons, we recommend Gardevoir, Mamoswine or Galarian Darmanitan as Fairy- and Ice-type attackers.

Regidrago CP in Pokémon Go

Here are the CP ranges for Regidrago in Pokémon Go:

  • Raid Boss CP – 33,052 CP
  • Regidrago max CP at Level 40 – 2973 CP
  • CP range for catch Regidrago – 1614 to 1699 CP
  • CP range for weather boost (Windy) for catching Regidrago – 2017 to 2124 CP

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Regidrago moveset in Pokémon Go

Our recommended moveset for Regidrago in Pokémon Go is Bite (Fast Attack) and Outrage (Charged Attack). However, you probably won’t be using it in Go Battle League (it’s the worst Regi available), and it is pretty woeful in Raids. All in all, this is just a very cool-looking Pokédex entry.

Below you’ll find the complete moveset for Regidrago in Pokémon Go:

Possible Fast Moves:

  • Bite (Dark)

Possible Charged Moves:

  • Dragon Pulse (Dragon)
  • Hyper Beam (Normal)
  • Outrage (Dragon)

Everything else we know about Regidrago

Regidrago, alongside Regieleki, was introduced to the Pokémon universe in The Crown Tundra DLC for Pokémon Sword and Shield, making it a Gen 8 Pokémon.

Regidrago, as its name suggests, is part of the legendary titan family – also referred to as the legendary giants in The Crown Tundra DLC and occasionally either the Regi or golem family by fans. The dots that decorate each member of the Regi family, which resemble braille, are, in fact, their eyes. The master, and creator, of this legendary group is Regigigas.

The debut of Regidrago and Regieleki was hinted at during the runup for the Season of Rising Heroes.

All of the Regi legendaries appear to take inspiration from the golems of Hebrew legend. Golems are magical beings which follow the instructions written upon their heads and, if these words are removed, they’re either weakened, no longer carry out their task or destroyed.

When it comes to Regidrago’s design specifically, it seems to have been partly inspired by the deception of dragons in Chinese mythology; its arms resemble the head of a dragon, with its body being the pearl held within the dragon’s jaws.

Good luck catching Regidrago in Pokémon Go!