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Bully gets name change

But will it silence the critics?

Rockstar has told Eurogamer that controversial PS2 title Bully is getting a name change.

From now on, the game will be known rather less catchily as Canis Canem Edit - Latin for Dog Eat Dog.

At this stage, Rockstar isn't saying why the name's been changed. But it's not difficult to have a guess, when you consider all the criticism it's had from anti-bullying campaigners, members of parliament and, er, peaceaholics.

So, does this mean the game will be delayed while they reprint the boxes and press a load of new discs? Apparently not, with a Rockstar spokesperson telling us, "The game is set for release in October," just like it always has been.

Meanwhile, rumours that Rockstar's other forthcoming game will be retitled Biggus Nickus Autorum IV are completely made up.