Canis Canem Edit

Key events

5th January 2007

Analyst doubts Bully sequel

25th October 2006

Canis Canem Edit

19th September 2006

Canis Canem Edit trailer

This is how Bully would look in HD

Student recreates the set of Rockstar's classic.

New Bully trademark filed by Take-Two

Back to school already?

Knytt and Oddworld lead the PS Store charge

Festive sale not live yet but coming soon.

Rockstar: we "adore" Bully

It "might come back in the future".

Bully in development for PC

"Coming soon", apparently.

New Bully 360 patch creating problems?

Best avoid, says Internet.

Rockstar "horrified" by Bully bugs

Working on a fix right now.

Analyst now expects Bully 2

Apologises to Take-Two.

Analyst doubts Bully sequel

Reckons sales were a bit crap.

BBFC defends Canis rating

Says violence was balanced.

ReviewCanis Canem Edit

Bully for Rockstar.

FeatureAudio Bully

We look at Canis Canem Edit's music, and chat to maestro Shawn Lee.

Canis Canem Edit

Extensive hands-on with what looks like Rockstar's best game since GTA.

Canis Canem Edit trailer

Bullying its way onto EGTV.

Bully given firm Euro date

Sorry - Canis Canem Edit.

Canis Canem Edit

Rockstar takes us to school.

Bully gets name change

But will it silence the critics?

Protestors take on Take-Two

Watch them in action.

Australia approves Bully for sale

Not so violent after all then?

Bully to hit Europe in Oct too

First trailer available.

Bully due in October

BBFC says it's still unrated.

Bully still in development

Out later this year.

MP criticises Rockstar's Bully

Asks Tony to consider ban.

Child welfare groups slam Rockstar for bullying game

'No worse than Just William,' yet Rockstar expects adult rating.

First Bully screenshot

And a few more details.