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Analyst now expects Bully 2

Apologises to Take-Two.

Having previously suggested a Bully sequel was highly unlikely due to poor sales, analyst Michael Pachter is now saying that a second game is a distinct possibility.

"I have been consistently wrong about this title," Pachter, who represents Wedbush Morgan Securities, told GamePolitics, "I thought it would be stupid, and it was fun; I thought it would get poor reviews, and it got solid 90s; and I thought it would bomb, while it now appears to be a million unit seller."

Going under the name Canis Canem Edit, Rockstar's latest has enjoyed strong sales in the UK - although mostly thanks to heavy discounting, which has seen it take up residence in the All Formats/All Prices Top 40.

"I did not expect a sequel, while now I have to acknowledge that a sequel is a possibility. I never hesitate to take credit when I'm right, and I never hide from my mistakes," Pachter explained.

We think it's a nice show of humility, really - something we're not used to seeing around here, where we're all ace and everyone else is rubbish all the time ever.

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