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Protestors take on Take-Two

Watch them in action.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

As the controversy over forthcoming Rockstar title Bully continues, footage of a group of anti-bullying campaigners protesting outside Take-Two's Manhattan offices has appeared online.

In the video, which is available to view via You Tube, members of a group called the Peaceaholics can be heard voicing their disapproval and seen waving placards daubed with slogans such as ‘Say no to Bully’ in the background.

A protester explains: "We think it’s very irresponsible for someone to put a game out like this... If you’re coming from where I come from in (Washington) DC, where children get killed in schools and everything, and see people get picked up off the ground with their brains in the street, then you know we’re not exploiting.

"We’re dealing with real issues, where our children are trained to be animals. Anybody who would do that is just as bad as the terrorists overseas."

The Peaceaholics aren't the first people to take a pop at Bully, of course. Numerous anti-bullying groups have also spoken out against the game, not to mention our old friends Keith Vaz and Jack Thompson. But to no avail, it seems, with Bully due for release in October.

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