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New Elden Ring patch adds separate damage scaling in multiplayer

Plus a whole load of balance adjustments.

A fresh patch is now available for Elden Ring that adds separate damage scaling for PvP.

That means balance adjustments when playing against others online, such as increased stamina attack power and a decrease in the power of Ashes of War.

These adjustments do not affect single-player or cooperative play.

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Some incantations have also been nerfed when playing PvP. Presumably, so far after release, more and more players are now dabbling in the game's invasion feature so balance adjustments needed to be made.

Elsewhere in the update, changes have been made to spells, skills, incantations and weapons "to encourage more versatility in terms of gameplay".

Across the board, Colossal Weapons have been boosted and tweaks have been made to poise damage and guard penetration on a number of weapons. The poise of all armour has also increased (with some exceptions).

A number of spells and incantations have been buffed, with increased attack power, casting speed, or extended effects, or a decrease in FP consumption.

A number of skills have also been adjusted, for better or worse.

Lastly, the update has fixed some bugs. That includes bugs that prevented users obtaining items when inventory and storage had reached the maximum limit, bugs concerning specific weapons, and a bug that prevented online multiplayer working properly on PlayStation consoles.

Check out the patch notes for a full list of all adjustments.

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