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Invaders are hacking the saves of Elden Ring players on PC

The exploit will force a crash that then locks players in infinite death loops.

Elden Ring players are being advised to turn off online play after reports that some PC players are being hacked by invaders that ruin their save.

As detailed on Reddit and explained via Twitter account @EldenRingUpdate, it's thought hackers are corrupting save data, forcing a crash, and then rebooting sends the affected player endlessly falling to their death.

If this all sounds a bit familiar, you're not wrong; a similar issue popped up in Dark Souls 3, too.

Right now neither From Software nor Bandai Namco have publicly commented on the issue, so players are instead trying to warn each other via social media.

In some instances, you may be able to fast travel to a site of grace if you're quick, but it doesn't work for everyone. Until a full fix has been issued, it's recommended players opt-out of invasions, or switch to offline mode completely. And if you don't regularly backup your save data, now just might be the time to start, at least until this problem has been rectified.

If you do find yourself at the sharp end of this, Redditors think they may have found a workaround but the success of this is not guaranteed, either.

If you've been running around the Lands Between, confident you've successfully whacked every potential illusory wall, I have bad news - it turns out that at least one secret opening requires you to strike it at least 50 times.

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