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Where to find a Lily Pad, Tire, and Air Vent in Fortnite

Plus, how to complete this challenge in a single match.

Finding an Air Vent, Lily Pad, and Tire in Fortnite will help you complete one of the seasonal quests for Chapter 4 Season 2. For this specific quest, you need to find each of these things and bounce off of them.

It may sound simple enough, but Fortnite always keeps you on your toes. You need to track them down and jump off of them, all while making sure you don't get killed by someone else. This is particularly tricky lately as a lot of challenges are pushing everyone to the same area, in and around Mega City.

Without further ado, we're going to show you how to complete this challenge in one match as well as where to find Lily Pads, Air Vents, and Tires in Fortnite.

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How to find a Lily Pad, Tire and Air Vent in one match in Fortnite

It is possible to complete this seasonal task in one match, and we found a pretty quick way of doing so. However, Mega City is a hotspot at the moment due to the Grind Rail challenges, we recommend being careful while running through it.

You can complete the challenge in separate matches, so if you don't manage to get it all done in a single session then don't worry.

Here's how to quickly complete this challenge.

Step One - Tire Jump

fortnite c4 s2 tire location one

Jump on the Tires that can be found outlining the beginning of the racing circuit slightly north of Mega City.

Step Two - Vent

fortnite c4 s2 air vent one match circle

Then, run south to Mega City and use a zipline to pull yourself to the top (or halfway) up the taller buildings. You should easily find vents here on the majority of the taller buildings. When you find one, jump onto it.

Step Three - Lily Pad

fortnite c4 s2 steamy spring map lily pad one

Finally, you can keep running south to Steamy Springs and there will be Lily Pads sitting in most of the ponds here. We also we have found some Lily Pads in the area to the west of Mega City and we have circled the location above. Finally, jump onto the Lily Pad once to finish the challenge.

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Where to find Lily Pads in Fortnite

We found that the easiest place to find Lily Pads in Fortnite is in and around Steamy Springs, in bodies of water that look similar to Ponds or small Lakes. We also found a few of them north west of Mega City, on the border with Frenzy Fields.

fortnite lily pad in water steamy springs

Where to find Tires in Fortnite

Tires in Fortnite can be found across the map, but especially around Gas Stations and in the racing circuit north of Mega City. We also found it safer to head for the racing circuit as the Gas Stations can be hotspots if a lot of players are using vehicles in the match.

fortnite tire barrier racing circuit near mega city

Where to find Air Vents in Fortnite

We found it the easiest to locate Air Vents in Mega City in Fortnite. There are a lot of buildings that are close together in this area, meaning there are several different Vents for you to choose from, and the Grind Rails (though they can be a hotspot) can help you with a quick getaway.

fortnite air vent on building in mega city

Good luck with completing this challenge, time to hop to it!

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