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Honkai Star Rail 'Sensitive Beings' puzzle solutions for Unearthly Marvel paths

How to solve all Unearthly Marvel puzzles in the Supply Zone.

There are three days of Unearthly Marvel puzzles as part of the 'Sensitive Beings' Adventure Mission on board the Herta Space Station in Honkai: Star Rail.

These are real days, not in-game time, so you'll have to wait until your server resets to continue with the side quest and find out who's responsible for the memetic virus, then report your findings back to Asta.

To speed things along during each day, we've got the 'Sensitive Beings' puzzle solutions for all Unearthly Marvel paths at the Supply Zone in Honkai: Star Rail below.

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Sensitive Beings puzzle solutions for Unearthly Marvel paths - Day 1

There are two Unearthly Marvel puzzles during the first day of 'Sensitive Beings'. Here's how to solve them:

Unearthly Marvel puzzle solution 1

Start this path by walking forward, then weaving your way from left to right until you reach the gold square at the end.

Here's a picture of the exact steps to take:

Unearthly Marvel puzzle solution 2

This path is slightly more complicated, as you need to use the black holes to transport between sides after stepping on the correct tiles first.

To solve this second Unearthly Marvel puzzle:

  1. Step right
  2. Fill in the two squares on your left
  3. Step right
  4. Fill in the squares to your right and go through the black hole
  5. Looking towards the gold square at the end, take a right
  6. Go one step forward, then one step to the left
  7. Step to the right, then follow the path to the end

After waiting a day, when the server resets in your timezone, 'Sensitive Beings (II)' will unlock and you can go back to the Supply Zone to continue your quest.

Version 2.1 with Acheron, Aventurine, and Gallagher is here! So make sure to redeem those new codes for Stellar Jade if you want them or future characters - and check all characters out on our regularly updated tier list. For everything else, we have pages on the next Banner, Ministry of Education quiz answers, how to get more Star Rail Passes, and an English voice actors list.

Sensitive Beings puzzle solution for Unearthly Marvel path - Day 2

Just the one Unearthly Marvel puzzle during the second day, but it's the most difficult of the lot. It's easier to see this solution, so before we describe it, here's a picture of the correct 'Sensitive Beings' puzzle solution for day 2:

To solve this Unearthly Marvel puzzle you have to:

  1. Start by turning left, then make your way around the barrier
  2. Step into the square with the the two barriers
  3. Cut across the middle until one square before the end of the row, then turn right
  4. All you have to do now is fill in the rest of the squares on your way to the golden one at the end

'Sensitive Beings (III)' will unlock the next day when your server resets.

Sensitive Beings puzzle solution for Unearthly Marvel path - Day 3

This is the last 'Sensitive Beings' puzzle in Honkai: Star Rail. Once you solve it and read the last clues on the terminal, you can go back to Asta and finally mark off the quest in your mission log.

Here's how to solve the last Unearthly Marvel puzzle on day 3:

  1. Step left, then right into the square with the barrier
  2. Cut across the middle until one square from the end of the row and turn right
  3. Follow the unfilled squares into the black hole
  4. After emerging on the other side of the black hole, follow the unfilled squares to the end

You'll get the Cornucopia Light Cone for your troubles this time, which is a good Abundance weapon to give your healers.

Good luck with solving these Unearthly Marvel puzzles!