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Where to find Nilotpala Lotus locations in Genshin Impact

Grab your swimming cap.

Nilotpala Lotus is a plant you can find floating atop the beautiful rivers and lakes of Sumeru that you’re going to need to ascend some characters in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact 3.0 introduced both the Dendro element and bow-wielding five-star character Tighnari. One of his ascension materials is the Nilotpala Lotus, so, if you want to increase his power, you’ll need these flowers.

To ensure you can max out this powerful character as fast as possible, this guide covers everything you need to know about how you can use Nilotpala Lotus and where you can find Nilotpala Lotus.

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What is Nilotpala Lotus used for in Genshin Impact?

Nilotpala Lotus is a type of flower that sits on top of the water all around the region of Sumeru, including underground. It’s a beautiful flower that is found amongst four lily pads and is often growing in small spaced-out clusters.

All you need to do in order to collect these flowers is go up and interact with the Nilotpala Lotus and, voila, it’s all yours. It’s a good job too, because, with a lot of these being in the water, you’ll need to keep an eye on your stamina to avoid drowning while swimming.

As it stands, the only use for Nilotpala Lotus is to ascend Tighnari, but given that he’s the first five-star Dendro character, aside from the main character, it’s well-worth swimming some lengths to get them.

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Where to find Nilotpala Lotus in Genshin Impact

Finding the Nilotpala Lotus in Genshin Impact will see you traveling across the Sumeru region.

The first spot on your farming run should be north of Sumeru City.

If you’ve already unlocked the teleport waypoint on top of the Chatrakam Cave, then warp there. From here, you can find three Nilotpala Lotuses to the northwest around a small island, five to the northeast around The Palace of Alcazarzaray, and a huge bunch of them just a touch north of Sumeru City.

After that, head back to Sumeru City and go down the river to your southeast to find another three Nilotpala Lotuses to pick up.

Next up is the area south of Vimara Village, which is just south of Sumeru City. Swim south and you’ll find two Nilotpala Lotuses after a small ridge, and then a cluster of eight to the south of that.

From here, go to the east in Devantaka Mountain, where you’ll find seven more flowers to collect in small bunches deep in the swampy area.

Next is a group of two to the east of Sumeru City, just below the area that’s still unrevealed once you’ve activated all of the Statues of the Seven.

The final bunch of Nilotpala Lotus can be found in the southwest of the region near the Ruins of Dahri.

This is a strange one, because you’ll actually need to head underground to find these. Head to the exclamation mark on the map below, and you’ll find a tunnel heading down. Follow it along to find a small underground area where you can pick up another four Nilotpala Lotuses for your trouble.

Good luck hunting down each Nilotpala Lotus!